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Figurative Language Flipbook
A comparison between two unlike things using
like or as to show a shared quality or trait.
Ex. The cotton was as soft as a cloud.
Your Example:
A direct comparison of two things without using
like or as.
Ex. She is ice.
Ex. He is a lion on the football field.
Your Example:
Giving human qualities to an animal, object, or
Ex. The leaves danced on the trees.
Ex. The wind whispered in my ear.
Your Example:
The repetition of initial (beginning) consonant
sounds. It provides emphasis.
Ex. The day of his death was a dark, cold day.
Ex. Peter Piper picked a pepper…
Your Example:
A reference to a famous person, work, event,
idea or text to help readers understand
Ex: When my best friend and I go to the
midnight showings of Twilight, we act like
teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert!
Combines 2 normally contradictory terms.
Ex: Deafening silence
Icy Hot
Jumbo shrimp
Act naturally
Terribly pleased
Words that sound like what they mean.
Ex. bang, boom, sizzle, crash, ring, beep, honk,
buzz, oink, swish
Your Example:
• The central message or life lesson in a work of
• Example: The theme in “The Three Little Pigs”
is to do something right the first time and be
• My example”
• An object that represents an idea or emotion.
• Example: wedding ring = commitment/love
• My example:
• The reader’s emotional response to a text;
mood is created through the reader’s word
• My example: The mood of Charlotte’s Web in
the scene where Charlotte dies is
• My example
• The author’s or speaker’s attitude towards the
subject he is writing about; identified through
his word choice.
• Example: The tone of Earrings is one of
• My example:
• The word choice used by an author to create a
specific meaning and for a specific audience.
• Example: “I want them. I need them. I love
them. Beautiful earrings. Glorious earrings.”
• My example:
HYPERBOLE (8th grade)
An overstatement or exaggeration without the
intention of lying.
Ex. You could knock me over with a feather!
Ex. I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!
Your Example:
CONSONANCE (8th grade)
The repetition of two or more consonants at the
end of a word or in the middle of words.
Ex. …as in guys she gently sways at ease
Ex. I think in a blink I will wink and it will cause
a stink.
ASSONANCE (8th grade)
The repetition of vowel sounds to create
internal rhyming.
Ex. Hear the mellow wedding bells.
Ex. The crumbling thunder of seas.
Your Example: