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You’ll Never Look at Racing
In the Same Way Again
Announcing The Aida Racing
Professional Seminar
If you are serious and realistic about your horse racing,
this one day event could be the best money you have
invested for a long time.
I have had a real passion for racing for almost 20 years
but in the last 6 years my knowledge has increased
significantly. This seminar pulls together all the
knowledge I have gained in that time and offers you
the benefit of my wins and loses.
Racing is a tough game in which to win at consistently,
and if you are looking for a miracle method that will
make you rich by two weeks on Wednesday - then you
had best stop watching now!
The Aida Racing Professional Seminar will: Show you how to find more winners than ever
before even up to 40/1 and 50/1!
Allow you to understand why many of the
winners have won.
Provide proof of how 20/1, 33/1, 40/1 even 66/1
winners can be found.
Give you enough information to become a semipro or full time backer.
Give you a comprehensive Manual containing
the days systems, advice and knowledge.
"I learned more in one day at this Seminar than I have
learned for sometime. The relaxed and friendly style of
Neil Davies and his vast knowledge of form and racing
knowledge was brilliant.
Anyone who wishes to up their stakes in betting on horse
racing should really not miss one of these Seminars. Highly
John W – Liverpool
Apart from being a very enjoyable and informative
day the Seminar will : 1. Teach you the systems and methods that work
2. Show you how to read form correctly, not the way
97-98 % of punters do.
3. Show you absolute 100% Proof that the knowledge
4. Give you a Manual containing all the information
discussed during the day.
I cannot promise to make you a millionaire by Christmas
But if you are serious about your racing you will: 1 Save your self a lot of time by knowing what I will reveal.
2 Save money by knowing what is worth backing and what is not.
3 Find more winners and make more profit.
4 Enjoy your racing much more when what you have learnt finds you
winners that you would not have even considered previously.
5 Even impress a few friends next time you go racing!
“The Seminar Neil held was fantastic. Neil delivered a huge
amount of information and findings from his years of
experience so you can look at racing from different angles
to all other punters. Thanks again.”
Darren H - Woking
The day will be divided into several parts and
we will cover various subjects the main one
being how to read form as a professional would.
You will also be privy to every system and
method I have written, including The HOT
Racing System, The Proven Profits Racing
System and the superb NORA Racing Method.
These systems have all sold from £247 - £497.
My NORA Racing Method is something I use everyday and I
use it to find winners of all prices.
The success of this method can sometimes be dramatically
increased by combining it with the knowledge gained from
another system or systems.
A horse called Spinning Ridge was a case in point last year.
The horse had very poor form on the surface but four of my
systems combined to find a winner at 50/1!
Here you can see the winner ‘Spinning Ridge’ at an
amazing 50/1!
It was not by chance that I had selected this horse, but if
you look at the previous form 7008 before the race
without my knowledge you would have thought I was
I wasn’t mad and the result is proof enough of the value
of my knowledge, which can soon be yours too.
That 50/1 winner was last year and I wouldn’t
want you to think that was the last big winner.
In fact there have been plenty and on Saturday
the 4th (Derby Day) there was another horse that
qualified for 4 of the systems you will learn.
‘Burning Thread’ in the 3.40 at Musselburgh
WON at 50/1. The horse was completely unfancied and even the commentator said as much,
yet it was easy to find if you know what to look
“One of my lifetime ambitions is to be a full-time
professional gambler. I make good money at racing now but
not quite confident enough to give my job up yet.
After Neil’s Seminar last Thursday I truly believe I have
taken a huge step towards my goal. The Seminar was both
interesting and informative, and one pointer in particular
has already given me a 25/1 winner less than a week after the
event. Thank you Neil.”
Russell M – Cambridgeshire
This knowledge is worth many thousands to the right person.
The Seminar is also a very limited event.
As we are currently in a recession so I have reduced the cost of
the day for a limited time from £1995.00 to £1495.00
As well as the full day seminar which includes lunch, the price
includes over night stay at the hotel for the delegate and their
partner with use of the spa facilities, breakfast of course is
Be assured this is for a limited time and there will be only 6
places available at this special price so book today.
If you want one of those special 6 places and a copy of your
own Seminar manual with all the information.
Call me to reserve your place on 01490 460239, or book your
place through the Seminar web page.
Payment can be made by credit or debit card through the
website or over the phone or by cheque through the post or by
cash (recorded delivery). Thank you for watching.