Design Delegation Seminar 2009

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Transcript Design Delegation Seminar 2009

Design Delegation Seminar
Aircraft Certification Unit
Aircraft Certification Unit - Update
 Organisation
 Staff
 Professional Development and Training
 Recent Unit Activities
 International Agreements
Aircraft Certification Unit
Geoff Connor
Airworthiness Certification
David Gill
Design Certification
Peter Gill
Continuing Airworthiness
Jack Stanton
Avionics Specialist
Ron Doggett
Airworthiness Engineers
Beth Coughlan
Dave Selby
Owen Olls
Continuing Airworthiness
Aircraft Certification Unit
Airworthiness Inspectors
Steve Kern
(Nick Nicholson)
Aircraft Registrar
Julia Reed
Flight Manual Administrator
Mary Wallis
Test Pilot
ACU Staff – October 2009
Mary and Julia
Chris Thomson
Design Engineer
Blades Technology
Vestas Technology
Jeremy Cook
Professional Development
and Training
 FAA Functions/Part 21 Approvals Course
 Reliability and 1309 Safety Analysis
 Boeing Structural Repairs
 Helicopter Aerodynamics
 Aircraft Performance
 Lightning Protection
 Oxygen System Design
 FAA Powerplant Certification
 CAA/Industry Work Exchange
 FAA Cabin Certification & Flammability Workshops
Cabin Certification Training
 Specific need identified to support industry
 Arranged for the CAA
 Covered human tolerance and crash
dynamics, evacuation , cabin arrangement,
emergency equipment and future
airworthiness requirements
 Four ACU engineers attended November
Cabin Certification Training
Recent Unit Activities
Type Acceptance Visits
Recent STC Work
Performance Based Navigation
Biofuel Test Flight
Part 21 Special Category Re-write
Fletcher Fin Engineering Review
Agricultural Aircraft Safety Review
Type Acceptance Visits
 The CAA has conducted validation visits as
part of the following type acceptances:
 Agusta-Westland A119/AW139 – Agusta/EASA
 Gulfstream G200 – Gulfstream/Israel CAA
 Cessna 510 Mustang – Cessna/FAA
 Dassault Falcon 7X – Dassault/EASA
 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615 – PWC/TC
 Hawker 4000 – Hawker-Beechcraft/FAA
Recent STC Approvals
 Transport Category Re-Configurations
 Boeing 747-400 IFE/Complete reconfiguration
 Boeing 767 IFE/Refurbishment
 Boeing 737 IFE/Re-configuration
 Airbus A320 IFE/Re-configuration
 Boeing 777 Premium Economy Expansion
 Agricultural Spray Systems
 Spray/Cargo Systems for Robinson R22/R44
Current STC Project
 Re-engine BK117
 Re-engine BK117 with
LTS-850 engine
- Supported by
Performance Based Navigation
 ICAO Asia Pacific PBN Task Force
(ICAO Regional Office, Bangkok)
 Implementing PBN in the APAC region
 ICAO PBN Study Group
(ICAO Air Navigation Bureau, Montreal)
 Developing PBN specifications and the ICAO PBN
Air NZ 747 Biofuel Test Flight
Part 21 Special Category Re-write
 Part 21 is being amended to expand the Special
Category to provide for specific sub-categories:
 LSA (Light Sport Aircraft)
 Primary Category (FAR §21.24)
 Amateur-built
 Limited (also known as Production Non-Certified)
 Experimental (Research & Development)
 Exhibition
Fletcher Fin Engineering Review
 Following a fatal accident
 To establish the airworthiness of the fin from a
damage tolerance, structural design and fatigue
strength perspective.
 Established design features for new replacement fin
 Copy of the report available on the CAA website
Agricultural Aircraft Safety Review
 Detailed Safety Review on Agricultural
Aircraft Operations
 Major Findings:
 Step change in reported defects since the
introduction of Part 137 in October 1994
(which introduced the CAM8 increased
gross weight provisions)
 Another step increase occurred around
2001, which coincided with the widespread
introduction of turbine conversions of the
FU24-950 Series aircraft
International Agreements
FAA and EASA Update
 Summary of the Current Agreement
 Recent Meetings/Activity
 Extensions Requested to Current Agreements
Current Agreement - FAA
 TCs for FAR 23 aircraft of NZ State of Design
 STCs for FAR 23 aircraft of NZ State of Design
 STCs for FAR 25 aircraft of US State of Design for
cabin re-configurations, less electrical, avionic and
IFE compliance determinations.
 Acceptance of repairs to FAR 25 aircraft of US
State of Design
Recent Activity/Meetings - FAA
 FAA visit to CAA - March 2009
 Presentations from the CAA and Industry Visit.
 Bilateral Partners Meeting, Sydney - April 2009
 Part 23 Program Managers Meeting, Kansas
- May 2009
Extensions Requested to Current
Agreements - FAA
 STC’s for FAR 23 and FAR 25 aircraft of US and
non-US State of Design
 STC’s for FAR 27 and FAR 29 rotorcraft of US
and non-US State of Design
- Projects suitable for the FAA to review were identified.
- Formal letter requesting extension to the current
agreement sent to the FAA 9 April 2009.
- FAA Currently prioritizing their workload
Current Arrangement - EASA
 November 2007 signed a Working Arrangement
 Provides for EASA to accept two NZ Aircraft
types. (Alpha R2000 Series and PAC 750XL)
Recent Activity/Meetings - EASA
 EASA – Visited CAA April 2008
 Discussion on extension of the scope to the
Working Arrangement
 Presentations from the CAA and Industry Visits
 Visit Report produced with a list of action items on
Extensions Requested to Current
Working Arrangement - EASA
 Acceptance of NZ manufactured parts, components
and appliances for installation on Part 23 aircraft.
 The acceptance of repairs, modifications and STCs
on Part 23 aircraft and repairs to Part 25 aircraft
and STCs covering changes in the passenger cabin
and crew rest compartments on Part 25 aircraft.
- Projects suitable for EASA to review were identified.
- No response to the open action items.
Latest Activity - EASA
 EASA has proposed the inclusion of an
Aviation Safety Arrangement as an addition to the
NZ/Europe Air Services Agreement
 EU has a level of commitment to this path
 Widen the scope beyond the existing limited
Working Arrangement
 CAA is working with the MOT on this proposal