Quiz 9 Review

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Quiz 9 Review
WWI & 1920s
• Which event sparked World War I?
• the assassination of the heir to the AustroHungarian throne
• How would you describe the first few years of
World War I?
• stalemate.
• Why did the United States enter World War I?
• Sinking of Lusitania
• Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare
• Zimmerman note
• What was the Great Migration?
• the movement of African Americans to
northern cities
• What were the underlying causes of World
War I?
• What was the Selective Service Act of 1917?
• a means of drafting young men for the
military forces.
• What happened after Vladimir Lenin seized
control of Russia in 1917?
• Russia withdrew from the war.
• What did fears of spies and sabotage in the
United States during the war lead to?
• restrictions on immigration (National Origins
• discrimination and violence toward Germans
(Espionage Act)
• repression of free speech (Sedition Act)
• Why did most Americans oppose the Central
Powers in WWI?
• because of Germany’s frightening militarism
• How did the German U-boat change the rules
of naval warfare?
• They remained hidden and fired without
warning (violation of the Sussex Pledge).
• What impact did Russia’s exit from the war
• It increased the pressure on the Allies.
• How was the United States able to loan more
than $10 billion to the Allies in WWI?
• Liberty Bonds.
• What was Germany forced to agree to in the
Versailles treaty?
• They lost territory and had to pay reparations
to the Allies.
• What was a major demographic shift of the
• large numbers of Americans moving to the
• What did the rapid development of the mass
media during the 1920s lead to?
• the creation of a national culture.
• What was the result of Prohibition during the
• the rise of organized crime.
• How did life change for American women in
the 1920s?
• Many women felt freer to experiment with
bolder styles and manners.
• Which baseball player was one of the most
exciting heroes of the 1920s?
• Babe Ruth
• What was a big change in movies in the late
• the introduction of sound.
• Who brought jazz to northern cities?
• southern African Americans.
• What kind of music did people listen to in the
clubs of Harlem, New York?
• Jazz
• What literary movement were James Weldon
Johnson and Zora Neale Hurston a part of?
• Harlem Renaissance
• Which dance embodied the Jazz Age?
• The Charleston
• What was the Red Scare a response to?
• the Russian Revolution.
• Why did the economy grow in the 1920s?
• Consumers began to buy goods on credit.
• Why did many Americans fear Vladimir I.
Lenin and his followers, the Bolsheviks?
• They promoted a system that was hostile to
American values.
• How did installment plans affect the American
economy in the 1920s?
• They fueled the growth of the consumer
• What was the purpose of the National Origins
Act of 1924?
• To reduce immigration
• What did Henry Ford do for the automobile
• Made cars that ordinary people could afford.
• How did Ford mass produce vehicles?
• He made assembly line production more