Cosmetic Personal Care Ingreidients

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Cosmetic Personal Care
Kowa American Corp
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Micronized Titanium Dioxide for
Superior Sunscreen Application
 Optimum particle size with rutile crystal form and rod-like shape
to minimize whiting effect. Rod-like shape made by sulfate process
shows highest visible light transmittance with a narrow particle
size distribution, while having excellent UV shielding ability
Core particle size of 30 X 90 nm (STR-60-LP grades) and 20 X
100 nm (STR-100-LP grades)
Coated with Aluminum Hydroxide and/or hydrated silica to
minimize any potential photocatalytic effects.
Treated with Hydrogen Dimethicone for water repellency both to
remain effective for a longer time on the skin and allow superior
dispersion stability.
Perfect product for cosmetics and face lotions needing higher SPF
protection while not changing the appearance of the product as it
is applied or remains on the skin
Polyethylene Oxide
or Ultra high MW Polyethylene glycol are produced in Japan by
Meisei Chemical Works and sold under their "Alkox" brand
The variety of molecular weights weights range from the INCI
PEG-2M to the PEG-115M.
Our Alkox products are outstanding emollients and thickening
agents that give skin, shaving and hair care products the
superior "feel" properties and smoothness over competing
Hinokitiol, Natural
naturally derived extract from certain evergreen
trees that helps resist bacteria formation in cosmetic
formulations. This all natural product has a pleasant
evergreen odor and improves the shelf life of cosmetics
especially after the initial opening & use by consumers.
 Hinokitiol, Synthetic
 Phenoxyethanol
Thiotaurine & Hypotaurine
are very effective singlet oxygen & hydroxyl radical scavengers for skin
care products. They work synergistically with SPF agents to help reduce
redness and inflammation of the skin. They decompose to Taurine &
Sulfur after depletion, which are safely used cosmetic ingredients.
 Metyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer
 Polymethyl Methacrylate
 Sodium Polyacrylate
 Carbomer
 n-Octyl Acrylamide
 t-Octly Acrylamide
 t-Butyl Acrylamide
 Hair Care Polymer
Amphoteric, Anioic, Cationic, Nonionic
Skin Care
 Beta Arbutin
a synthetically derived cosmetic ingredient produced by API Corporation in Japan for skin whitening
preparations. Designed to replace Kojic acid and other less safe whitening agents.
 Celabio
a newly patented plant derived fermentation extract that promotes collagen production in the skin.
Produced in Japan by Toyo Hakko, Co. it is designed to replace bovine and porcine derived placenta
materials to insure 100% safety from BSE issues. Celabio will be a very important ingredient in skin
rejuvenating, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cosmetic formulations.
 Calcium D-Pantetheine-S-sulfonate 70
is a skin whitening and brightening agent. Inhibits Tyrosinase activity and Melanin synthesis with antiinflammatory and moisturizing properties.
 Squalane, Shark Origin
 Squalane, Rice Origin
 DNA-Na
 Rose Hip Oil /Aceite de Rosa Mosqueta (Chile)
 Chilean Hazelnut Oil / Gevuina Oil (Chile)
 Avogado Oil (Chile)
Glycyrrhizine Delivertives
 Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate
 19 Beat Glycyrrhetinic Acid
 Dipottassium Glycyrrhizinate
 Glycyrrhizic Acid
 Glycyrrhiza Extract
 Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate
 Trisodium Glycyrrthinate
Dextran & Dextran Derivatives(Moisturizer)
1) Skin Care
High molecular weight Dextran
Dextran 40
Dextran 70
Dextran 40 industrial grade
Dextran derivatives
CMD, CMD-D40, CMD-L (Sodium Carboxymethyl Dextran)
DST-H, DSV-H (Sodium Dextran Sulfate)
2) Hair Care
Dextran derivatives
CDC, CDC-H, CDC-L (Cationic Dextran)
Other Ingredients
 Iron Oxide, High Purity
 Hydroxyapatite
 Sodium Hyaluronate
 Hyaluronic Acid Oligomer
 Calcium Pantothenate
 D-Panthenol
 DL-Panthenol
Other Ingredients
 Capcicum Tincture
 Coffee Bean Extract
 Evening Primrose Extract
 Evening Primrose Oil
 Ferulic Acid
 Gamma Orizanol
 Ginger Tincture
 Ginseng Extract Powder
 Grape Seed Extract
 Green TeanExtract
 Guaiazulene
Other Ingredients
Impatiens Balsamina Extract
Kojic Acid
Lichi Seed Extract
Peach Seed Extract
Perilla Seed Oil
Rice Bran Oil
Rice Bran, Deffated
Rose Extract
Soy Bean Isoflavone
Other Ingredients
 Polyglycerin (Hydrophylic Material)
 Stearly Glycidyl Ether
 Cetyl Glycidyl Ether
 Selachyl Alcohol (Moisturing Agent)
 1-Hydroxyethane-1,1-diphosphonic Acid (Chelating Agent)