Class of 2006 - Bullock Creek Schools, Midland Michigan

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Transcript Class of 2006 - Bullock Creek Schools, Midland Michigan

Class of 2017
Deana Bickel – Counselor
Jennifer Brown – Counselor
Lynette Copus – Administrative Assistant
Mary Ann Flaminio – Co-op & Career Center Coordinator
Todd Gorsuch – Principal
Don Johnson – Midland County CTE Coordinator
Dennis Tomko – Assistant Principal
Class of 2017
English – 4 Credits – English 9, English 10, English 11, and English 12
Math – 4 Credits – Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Math/
Math Related Class Senior Year
Science – 3 Credits – Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
Social Studies – 3 Credits – World History/Geography, US History/
Geography, Government (Civics), and Economics
Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts – 1 Credit
World Language – 2 Credits
Health - .5 Credit
Physical Education - .5 Credit
On-Line Experience – Integrated
Changes to Graduation
World Language - 2 credits (Must be in the same World
Language. Spanish is used as an example)
--One World Language Credit may be earned by passing a
middle school Spanish program or by passing Spanish
1 at the high school level.
--Second World Language Credit may be earned by:
 Earning a Spanish 1 or Spanish 2 credit at the high school
(this depends on how the first credit in world language
was earned)
 Substitute an additional Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts
 Substitute a formal CTE (career and technical education)
course worth at least 1 credit.
Changes to Graduation
The EDP (Educational Development Plan) and
the PC (Personal Curriculum) Process may be
used to identify students interested in taking a
formal CTE Course as a substitute for other
eligible required credits as outlined in the
Michigan Merit Curriculum. The formal CTE
course must meet all of the requirements in
order to qualify. Please note that not all formal
CTE courses will qualify. Administration will
determine when a CTE Course qualifies as a
substitute required MMC course.
Planning for Your Future
Junior Year: 4 Core Classes -- English 11, Government,
Economics, Physics, and Math (Algebra 2/Trig)
Have you taken PE, Health, and a credit of Visual,
Performing and Applied Arts?
Have you completed your World Language
Are all of your 9th and 10th grade core class
requirements met?
Many, many opportunities for BC elective courses that
match your career interest
Job shadowing opportunities
BC Class Opportunities
Advanced Sciences –Physiology and Advanced Biology
Fine Arts – Intermediate, Advanced and Studio Art, Band
Industrial Technology-Wood Tech, Metal Tech, Construction
Tech, Intro to Engineering
Business – Accounting, Computer Applications, Marketing
Family and Consumer Science-Child Development and
World Language – Spanish I-IV
PE/Health – PE 2 and Advanced Health
English Electives - Journalism and Drama
Social Study Electives – Current Issues, Sociology, and
Personal Curriculum
Opportunity provided by the State of
Michigan to alter the Michigan Merit
Curriculum and Bullock Creek graduation
Individual for each student
Requested by Parent
Valedictorian & Salutatorian Honors
 1 Valedictorian and 1 Salutatorian per
graduating class
 In the event that there are ties based on GPA
(formula of GPA combined with state approved
assessment-SAT) will be used
 Formula determines Graduation Speakers and
TV-5 Best and Brightest
Michigan Merit Exam
New State Assessment
Early March 2016
3 Components: SAT; ACT WorkKeys; and
Required for graduation
Study materials available in Career Center
or visit,
National Collegiate Athletic
Association (NCAA)
 Students must apply to NCAA
Clearinghouse to determine if they are
academically eligible to participate in
college sports
 Recommendation to apply on line
during spring of junior year
Off-Campus Opportunities
Minimum 2.0 GPA or test scores…depends
on program
Criteria for dual enrollment
Excellent attendance
No disciplinary issues
Provide own transportation
Permission Slip and Contract
Midland County CTE Programs
Don Johnson, Midland County ESA
Classes offered at Midland Public
Schools, Coleman High School,
Meridian High School and Delta
Based on availability and meeting
scheduling needs
Off-Campus Programs
 Shared Time (see application for course
 Dual Enrollment
 Online Classes (not truly off-campus)
 Work-Based Learning/Co-op
 Bullock Creek Early College Program
Application and Permission Slip
Minimum 2.0 GPA and good attendance
Prerequisites may be needed
Criteria for dual enrollment
Education Exploration
Offered at Freeland High School
Opportunity to learn about a career as a
Classroom practicum
5th and 6th Hours Daily at Freeland High
School and Bullock Creek Schools
Dual Enrollment
 Opportunity to earn college credit while still in
high school
 New criteria for eligibility…uses ACT Practice
Test, PSAT, ACT or SAT Scores along with
grades and attendance
 Classes offered at Delta, SVSU, CMU,
Northwood, Davenport, and Mid-Michigan
Community College, and beyond
 Tuition covered up to $558/class – 2014-15
amount; transportation/books responsibility of
Online Opportunities
Courses not offered at Bullock Creek High
Dependent upon availability to fit into a
student’s schedule
May require out of school time to meet
course requirements
Application required
Work Based Learning
 Senior Program
 Must have a specific number of credits entering senior
 Create a Portfolio – Cover Letter, Resume, Letter of
Recommendation, Transcript, Certificates, Awards
 Complete an application
 Packet of information/handbook available
 This is a pass/fail program. Credit (CR) is received
towards graduation if successfully completed. Students
WILL NOT receive a letter grade, which may affect their
class standing
Bullock Creek Early College Program
 Program that allows you to earn both high school
and college credit (different from dual enrollment
 All college classes must be taken through Delta
 Defer your diploma for one year and take a 5th
year of high school (all 5th year classes at Delta)
 Opportunity to earn up to 60 college credits at the
end of your 5th year
 Application process and requirements for
admittance will be covered at Parent and Student
Informational Meeting – February 11 at 6:00pm
Deana Bickel– 631.2418 ext. 1533
[email protected]
Jennifer Brown – 631.2418 ext. 1507
[email protected]
Mary Ann Flaminio – 631.2418 ext. 1534
[email protected]
Don Johnson – 859.3651
[email protected]