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EMODnet Chemistry
4° Steering Committee, Amsterdam
Joint Survey SDN2 and EMODnet Chemistry
Matteo Vinci and Alessandra Giorgetti – OGS, Italy
Joint Survey SDN2 and EMODnet Chemistry
• The Joint Survey SeaDataNet2 EMODnet Chemistry 2 is made of 7
topics and 33 questions that have been circulated using the Google
form service. (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cf28YQiNNFMQcmFWb_JrUB1HI6kaKg36c7meLZCbmM/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=
• The online join survey has been sent the 22/10/2014 and was open
until end of November 2014.
• Basic principles for this new survey are:
• Questionnaire build with one page for each topic to let the
invited people to focus only on their topics of interest;
• Not necessary to fill all the questions to complete the survey,
people must be able give feedback only in the topics that they
know better;
• Questions with multiple choice and questions with free text.
• SeaDataNet2 User Panel plus people with interest in the Chemistry
Lot field (total 64 persons)
The user panel
6 inside SDN (Regional Coordinators)
7 from the scientific community outside SDN
• Maria Louisa Silva, Tatjana Hema, Gyorgyi Gurban UNEP/MAP-MED POL;
•M. Pyhala, Helsinki Commission;
•Joni Kaitaranta, Helsinki Commission.
•E. Corcoran, OSPAR (NE Atlantic);
•V. Myroshnychenko, IMS METU (Black Sea);
•R. Fryer, Marine lab Scotland;
•M. Barbier, CIESM.
2 From Policy Makers
• T. Christiansen, EEA;
• I. Shepherd, DG-MARE.
The user panel
2 From industry or private company
•A. Primiero, Civil Protection;
•M. Fermi, ENI.
1 From education
•M. Ribera d'Alcala, Zoological Station Anton Dohrn.
2 From operational oceanography
•Stein Sandven NERSC ARTIC;
•Henning Wehde IMR North Sea.
2 Data manager outside Europe
•Z. Willis NOAA, USA;
•Scott Bainbridge, AIMS, Australia.
The user panel
The EMODnet Chemistry Regional Leaders
•Mediterranean Sea: Sissy Iona, HCMR;
•North Sea: Martin M. Larsen, ADU;
•Baltic Sea: Lotta Fyrberg, SMHI;
•Atlantic: Antoine Huguet, IFREMER; also Julie Gatti ?
•Black Sea: Luminita Buga, NIMRD;
Additional Stakeholders
•Jørgen Jensen (ICES),
•Theo Prins (DELTARES),
•Norm Green (NIVA).
As the ‘hands on’ data people for providing the indicators to policy/science
•Constanca Belchior (EEA),
•Chris Moulton (OSPAR).
The user panel
Representative from Regional seas projects (BALSAM in the Baltic and JMPNS-CS for the North/Celtic seas…):
•BALSAM for the Baltic sea Johanna Karhu (HELCOM Secretariat)
•JMP-NS-CS for the North sea  Lisette Enserink (RWS)
•IRIS-SES for the Mediterranean and Black sea Louisa Giannoudi/Kalliopi
Pagou (HCMR)
Plus SDN2/EMODnet Chemistry top 25 users
Some first results...
Some first results...
Some first results...
Some first results...
Some first results...
Some first results...
Some first results...
Some first results...
• Still poor number of responses
• The proposal is to keep open the join survey until the end of December 2014
circulating a reminder) (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cf28YQiNNFMQcmFWb_JrUB1HI6kaKg36c7meLZCbmM/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_
• Will have to make a report of the survey results for SDN2 within the end of