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Transcript ROAD SAFETY

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Road safety is very important. When you are
a passenger in a car there are rules that
needs to be obeyed. Some important rules
are to fasten your seatbelt and to keep the
noise level down, to not distract the
We need to know road signs and hand signals
when driving a vehicle, truck or bicycle.
These are some signs we see on our way to
school. Can you help me identify them?
This white lines is painted on the road in
front of each school. We call this a
pedestrian. Cars need to stop when there is
people walking across the road on this sign.
Before you cross a street always look RIGHT,
LEFT and RIGHT again.
Each school also have learners to look after our
safety before and after school, known as the scholar
patrol. They see to it that vehicles stop to give
learners a chance to cross the road.
We push the button on the robot to give us a
chance to cross the road safely. We can only
cross the road when this man is presented in a
green light
Play on the sidewalk of the road. It is saver and
cars would be able to see you.
Traffic officers see to it that people obey the rules
of the road to make it safe for us. They help us to
pass the main roads where there are no nearby scholar
When crossing a road always hold an older persons
hand. They will ensure that you cross the road
Your parents are not allowed to talk or text a
message while driving a car.
Always wear a helmet when riding a bike.
Ensure that you have both of your hands on the
Here are some hand signals. The first signal
represents a left turn. The second signal
represents a right turn. The last signal
represents a stop sign.
Always make sure that you parents stick to the
speed limit to prevent accidents.
Slide 2: There are two important rules when
wê re passengers in a car. Can you identify
them? (knowledge, level 1)
Slide 3: Predict what will happen if we do
not know our road signs or hand signals?
(Comprehension, Level 2)
Slide 4: Demonstrate the following hand
signals for me, left turn, right turn and
stop! (Application, level 3)
Slide 5: Can you identify some of these road
Slide 7: Summarize the purpose of the
scholar patrol in two words. (
What do you think can happen when the driver is talking on his phone while driving?
What might happen to the girls if they do not play on the sidewalk?
What was the most important road safety rule for you? Why do you say so?
Can you think of another road safety rule?
•This Power Point can be used at the beginning of your lesson on road safety
•First introduce this story to your learners as it will lay a good background of road safety
•This story will ensure that you cover most of the road signs and road safety concepts but stills give
children the opportunity to give their own input
•After you implemented the story you can then give learners a worksheet on road safety
•You can divide your learners in to groups and they can have role-plays on the ideal and then not ideal
road safety of people
•You can ask a traffic officer to come and talk to your learners