First Login

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Transcript First Login

Team Managers
Printing Match Cards
YOUR Email address
(or at least whatever
your club has entered
as your email address!)
First Login
Enter the Team
Password as
defined by the
select your team
from the drop
down list…. And
click on the Login
There should be a link to the Team Managers section from the clubs
website. (depends if the club in question has set it up or not).
If not, the TeamManagers section can be found at where xxxxx is the
Club Code as defined by KDSA.
Clubs that have a website hosted through MyClubMate will have their team
managers section at http://clubwebsite.url/TeamManagers
Print and keep a copy
of the Team Members
as this has useful info
including Emergency
Contacts and any
Medical conditions
Click Print
Match Card
each week…
If you get a message saying that the Team Name can’t be found in the
draw system, then this probably means that the Club didn’t conform
to KDSA naming standards for the team name. Give your club
registrar a tap on the shoulder and remember they have probably
given a large number of hours to the club already this year!!!!
This is what you should see 
Games displayed in
Date & Time order
Click to Print
Match cards
Use this to print out generic
match cards with player info but
no game details, in case of
emergencies such as printer not
working! Keep a few in your team
Opposing Club Colours
Displayed so you know if a
clash will occur
Use this to print out
completely blank
match cards
If a Squad, don’t
forget to print
BOTH firsts AND
A squashed but complete Match Card
Date, Time, Ground etc all
filled in automatically
The Top Half in Detail
Shirts numbers must be
filled in for players taking
part in the match
Enough room for
up to 42 players
for Squads
2 cards printed, 1 from
each club – both need to be
signed by both managers
Bottom half in Detail
Age Group specific
Adjustments printed at
the bottom for easy