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Introducing AusVELS
Copyright © Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, State
Government of Victoria, 2012
Snapshot of AusVELS
11 Levels from F to 10
Learning Areas (domains)
Content descriptions
Achievement standards
Work samples
Cross Curriculum Priorities (CCPs)
Key points for AC English
• Three modes viewed as Reading and viewing,
Writing, and Speaking and listening
• includes the relevant ‘strands’ of Literature,
Literacy and Language
• Achievement standards written for each mode
(or ‘strand’) at each level
Key points for AC Mathematics
• Organized around three content strands Number
and algebra, Measurement and geometry and
Statistics and probability
• and four proficiency strands, similar to current
VELS Maths Working mathematically dimension
• Achievement standards are written for each level
(not for each strand)
Key points for AC History
• Two strands Historical knowledge and
understanding and Historical skills
• Content descriptions and Achievement Standards
included for F - 3
• History includes Depth studies for Levels 7 to 10
• Content descriptions for each level for Historical
knowledge and understanding but across two
levels for Historical skills
• Achievement standards written for each level F10
Key points for AC Science
• Three strands Science Understanding, Science as a
Human Endeavour, Science Inquiry Skills
• Science Understanding organised as Biological, Chemical,
Earth and space, Physical sciences
• Content descriptions and Achievement standards
included for F-3
• Content descriptions written for each level for Science
Understanding but across two levels for Science as a
Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills
• Achievement standards written for each level F-10
What’s to come
• General Capabilities- not currently included in the
AC AusVELS learning areas
• Remaining Australian Curriculum Learning areas
• Senior secondary
• Further examples of student work samples to
assist assessment
• Advice on reporting requirements refer VCAA
Notice to Schools No. 62 May 2012
• Planning documents
• Scope and sequence
• Work samples
• Learning area specific online sessions
• Ann Osman Manager AusVELS Unit
[email protected]