AIAA 2nd General Body Meeting 9-18-12

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Transcript AIAA 2nd General Body Meeting 9-18-12

General Body Meeting
September 18, 2012
O R&D Team
O Meetings:
O Every Thursday
O 6:15PM
O The SAE Shop
O Contact: Maggie Owen,
[email protected]
Dr. Lind
AIAA Faculty Advisor
Design Teams
O Design/Build/Fly
O Next Meeting: Thurs, 9/20, 7:15PM, MCCA G186
O Contact: Eric Spenceley, [email protected]
O R&D Team
O Next Meeting: Thurs, 9/20, 6:15PM, The SAE Shop
O Contact: Maggie Owen, [email protected]
O Rocket Team
O Next Meeting: Tues, 9/25, 8PM, NPB 1002
O Important: Beginning work on PDR
O Contacts:
O Rob Hill: [email protected]
O Stephen Stuthers: [email protected]
New Officers
O AIAA E-Week Director: Stephen Bethel
O AIAA National Liaison: Samin Haque
O Community Service Director: Kristen King
O Fundraising Director: Aston Steele
O Historian: Laura Theobald
O Publicity Director: Naveen Saini
O MAE Mentor Program Director: Grant Uppercue
O MAE Mentor Program Director: Branden Blackwell
O Social Events Director: Bryan Bravo
O Webmaster: Keith Rausch
Intramurals Indoor Soccer Team
O Next Game: 9/26
O Wed 5-5:50PM
O Team Name: AIAA
O Color: Dark Blue
O Contact:
O Doug Meade: [email protected]
Light the Night Walk
O Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
O Join the UF Engineering Societies Team
O Team Captain: David Tooke
O Contact:
O Doug Meade: [email protected]
O Kristen King: [email protected]
The MAE Mentor Program
O Mentors & Mentees matched this week
O First session
O Will occur next week
O Updates coming soon
O Contacts:
O Grant Uppercue: [email protected]
O Branden Blackwell: [email protected]
ULA Info Session
O Tues, 10/9, 5:00-6:30PM
O Internship Applications
O Due 10/31
O Apply online!!!
COE Opportunities
O SWE: Etiquette Dinner
O 9/27, 6:30-8:00PM, Matthews Suite, Reitz Union
O Tips on interviews and resumes
O Insights about recruiters
O Learning about proper dinner etiquette
O Tickets on Sale: $10, stop by SWE Office (Weil 274)
O Leadership Retreat: Leading Innovation Through Inclusion
O Fri, 10/19, 8:00AM-3:15PM, UF Hilton Ballroom
O Can come and go as pleased
O RSVP: Tara Wind, [email protected]
Research with Dr. Mohseni
O Requirements
O Junior, Senior, 1st Year Grad Student
O Be proficient in SolidWorks
O Have basic hands-on machining experience
O Experience in LabVIEW and MATLAB is preferable
O GPA above 3.5
O Be able to commit a minimum of 10-15 hours per week
O Role: assisting in the design and fabrication of a model
positioning system for dynamic wind tunnel testing
O Also, opportunities for students interested to get research
credit for this effort
O To Apply: send CV to Matt Shields, [email protected]
Startup Weekend Gainesville
O 9/28 at 6PM – 9/30 at 9PM
O Unites creative and intelligent minds
together for an unforgettable weekend of
ideation and new venture creation
O Networking, speakers, teamwork sessions
O Register at:
AIAA National
O AIAA Regional Conference
O Abstracts due February
O Conference in April
O Will have meetings to prepare
O AIAA National Membership
O $20
O Contact:
O Paul Chestnut: [email protected]
O Samin Haque: [email protected]
AIAA National Scholarship
O Deadline: January 31
O Four Undergraduate Scholarships worth $2500
O Two Graduate Awards worth $2500
O Three Graduate Awards worth $5000
O Requirements:
O Must be an AIAA National Member
O At least 3.3 GPA
O 3 Letters of Recommendation
Where are we located?
Nuclear Science Building
5th Floor
Student Organization Lounge
O Come on out to
O Study
O Hangout
O Meet some other MAE students!!!
O Nuclear Science Building, 5th Floor
O Door Code: 199577*
O BEC Homecoming Float
O Float Design: a 40 ft long aircraft carrier with a 3D jet
and tank in honor of our veterans
O Meetings: every T, W, & R, 7-10PM, Unit Ops Lab
(behind Chemical Engineering building)
O Contact: Kelsey Gardner, [email protected]
Follow Us!
Next Meeting:
September 25th, 2012
O 9/25, 6:30PM, Turlington L011
O Sean Bell
O Flight Test Engineer at Boeing
O UF Alumni
O AIAA President 2003-2004
Motivational Video