ELUNA 2012 Conference Highlights

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Transcript ELUNA 2012 Conference Highlights

ELUNA 2012 Conference Highlights

Lena Zentall Margery Tibbetts May 29, 2012

Conference stats

  Ex Libris Users Group of North America, met May 8-11, 2012 in Salt Lake City 492 attendees from 11 countries (1000+ libraries are members of ELUNA) to

Future Conference sites

 Next year’s conference site 2013: Georgia  Atlanta or Athens - TBD  2014 conference in Montreal Canada  US citizens will need passports

Subscriber numbers per ExLibris product

• • • • SFX – 2385 customers (their biggest seller) Aleph/Voyager – 2325 bX – 1108 Primo – 933 (according to salesman: more Primo customers than all their competitors combined) - discovery interface

• • Verde – 229 (being rolled into Alma eventually) Alma – 70+ institutions (general release in 2013 – currently working with development partners)

Theme: Integrated services ALMA

   Streamlining workflow in one place and having a dynamic resource – depending on your role.

Shared community resources (community zone). This is where Harvard is putting their open metadata. Shared catalog for Alma customers: loading bib data from LC, British Library, Harvard catalog.  Advisory group (including Karen Coyle) Next step: define cataloging standards Professional services (tackling change management – rethink workflow and processes, get baselines and workflow up front – even a year ahead)

Theme: Fulfillment Just in Time

Problem statement: Can’t afford to acquire everything or catalog everything but users want everything.

Solution: Institutions should be focused on their local content.

New service for Primo/SFX

  Copyright Clearance Center Get it Now Service just in time article delivery

Get It Now publishers

SFX Update

  88% customers are on SFX version 4 (4% in progress) SFX version 4.3 coming in June 2012 (ebooks!)

 SFX-Discuss-l is for the larger SFX community (ELUNA)  [email protected]

SFX Knowledgebase

• Adding approximately 500 targets a year • Current statistics  3000 targets  2.1 million objects  4.4 million in object portfolios.

SFX KnowledgeBase challenges

• • It’s a major ongoing struggle to get updates from publishers SFX Product Working Group is working with KB group (headed by Ron Lozinsky) to develop language for dealing the offending vendors

• • SFX Product Working Group will target certain vendors (list unknown) UC libraries are encouraged to put language in agreements or bring this up as an issue at renewal time

SFX e-books

 Coming in SP 4.3 (sometime in June)    Search not browse Introduces new software package to SFX  SOLR CDL will create in development   ucelinks-stage.cdlib.org

Similar look and feel as e-journal A-Z lists

The SFX eBook search interface  Feature to expose the library’s eBook collection  Enables search by   Title Author   ISBN Vendor  URL: http://://azbook  (this and next slide courtesty of ExLibris)

UC-eLinks admin liaisons

 Discuss with campus stakeholders  Determine e-book targets to include   Detemine look and feel  One page with journal and books tab  Two pages Determine release date  NOT all campuses on the same date please

 Same guidelines as e-journal A-Z lists  Limited customization (header/footer)

KBUpdate reports

 ExLibris will be changing the maintenance scripts so more than 3 weeks of data is retained  Two sessions (LANL and MIT)  How to manage weekly reports?

 HTML vs TXT reports

LANL Hints

 Use TXT reports  Maintains separate spreadsheets by active targets for each KBUpdate  Reorder information for ease of use (ie thresholds  Add notes when maintaining KB  Always look at Delete Object Portfolio  Especially for pick and choose targets


 Troublespots   Lines blurring between Open Access and licensed content Multiple targets for the title  Global threshold closed  What happened to the title?

MIT approach

 Library staff want to view KBUpdate reports as EXCEL not text  Don’t always remember to protect the OBJID when converting from txt to xls


   Wrote PERL scripts to do conversion  Insert object type (Book; Journal; etc)  Color code to highlight changes Different conversion rules for New; Changed and Deleted reports Will share scripts via EL Commons

CDL approach ?

 What can the CDL do to help the campuses deal with the weekly KBUpdate reports?


Q: Have any campuses activated ebooks in UC-eLinks?

A: Yes, including CDL who has activated all packages we license including IEEE, Springer, Wiley.

Q: Who needs to be involved in rolling out the new ebook search on campuses?

A: campus e-resource team will select ebook packages to include (e.g., ILL staff, reference librarians, e-resource librarians, public service staff). Library webmaster will determine where the search lives on the library website. CDL will work with Ellen Meltzer and the UC-eLinks project team to make sure the word gets out to the UC-eLinks liaisons and other campus stakeholders.