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By USNDA Board
• Summer Medical and Dental Enrichment Program
• DEADLINE: PASSED, Next year application opens Nov. 1
• WHAT: Academic enrichment in the basic sciences (organic chemistry,
physics, biology) and pre-calculus/calculus, Career development,
Learning-skills seminar, Limited clinical exposure, and A financialplanning workshop
• WHO: Freshmen and Sophomore students
• WHEN and HOW LONG: Summer for Six Week and you can pick
from 12 locations
• CO$T: FREE tuition, meals, and housing! Matter of fact they PAY YOU!
• Gateway to Dentistry at UMDNJ
• WHAT: Bird’s eye view of dentistry, Hands-on experiences of various,
introduction to student life; hands on clinical techniques; introduction to
dental specialties; preclinical laboratory procedures; financial aid
projections; admissions process & counseling
• WHO: ALL Undergrad and Grad Students
• WHEN and HOW LONG: Two sessions in the year: Winter and
Summer one each for 2 weeks
• CO$T: $50 for App and $150 for equipment and materials
• Introduction to Dentistry Summer Course at Penn
• DEADLINE: ALREADY Filled but for next year!
• WHAT: You can gain hands-on experience in the type of preclinical
coursework encountered in dental school courses designed to develop
your psychomotor skills
• WHO: 18+
• WHEN and HOW LONG: Usually in June for 6 days
• CO$T: $1,700 for all equipment, housing, and meals
• CONTACT INFO: [email protected]
• UCLA PREP Program
• DEADLINE: March 1 ALL documents need to be in!
• WHAT: designed to provide premedical and pre-dental students from
disadvantaged backgrounds with a means of strengthening their ability
and readiness to study medicine or dentistry. As a result of full
participation in UCLA PREP, participants should have enhanced their
chances of being accepted to medical or dental school and succeeding
once there.
• WHO: Disadvantaged Students (undergrad and grad)
• WHEN and HOW LONG: June 15th for 7 weeks
• CO$T: Free!! And stipend is provided for those who are not from the area
• Profile for Success at the University of Michigan
• DEADLINE: Feb. 16!!!! TODAY!
• WHAT: A program designed to expose participants to health careers
in dentistry and medicine for the purpose of developing competitive
applicants for dental and medical schools.
• WHO: Disadvantaged college Juniors or Seniors
• WHEN and HOW LONG: May 16 for seven weeks
• Reaching Academic Milestones through Participation and Service
• DEADLINE: Feb. 18th
• WHAT: In a distinctive summer enrichment program, Reaching Academic
Milestones through Participation and Service, students are engaged in
academic enrichment activities such as biochemistry, microbiology, dental
instruction, health disparities, ethics and professionalism.
• WHO: Juniors and Seniors
• WHEN and HOW LONG: May 31 for 6 weeks
• College Summer Fellowship Program at UCONN
• DEADLINE: March 15th
• WHAT: Provides an opportunity to participate in the research activities of
a laboratory at the School of Medicine or Dental Medicine under the
direction of a faculty member. The purpose of the program is to provide a
research enrichment experience and some exposure to clinical medicine or
dental medicine.
• WHO: Current Sophomores and Juniors
• WHEN and HOW LONG: June and for 10 weeks
• CO$T: $30 application. Housing is NOT provided
• CVIM Clinic
• Community Volunteers in Medicine
• WHAT: Will have an opportunity to shadow AND assist dental students
and dentists who work at the clinic. They will teach you how to chart
patient information, sterilize instruments, take x-rays, and assist. If you
continue for a certain amount of time you will be able to take a test
and become x-ray certified.
• WHO: Anyone but you need health insurance
• WHEN and WHERE: Anytime and West Chester, PA (passed KOP)
• CO$T: Free but have to find transportation
• CONTACT: [email protected]
• Shadowing at Kornberg Dental or Penn Dental
• Kornberg:
• CONTACT: Brian Hahn ([email protected]) and let him know
you are part of USNDA and want to shadow a dental student
• WHEN: Anytime even during school year and summer
• WHAT: Get to shadow a dental student
• Penn:
• CONTACT: Ask you mentor at Penn if you don’t have one then contact
[email protected]
• WHEN: Anytime!
• Provides a list of research opportunities in science and math
• Sign up for their listserv because they send out emails about
new summer opportunities and workshops throughout the year
• Very helpful because they email about the most recent research
Apply EARLY!
Get all Letters of Recommendation in advance!
Start writing your personal statement
Do further research for the program
Make sure you meet the requirements
• Thank you 