CNUSD AVID Recruitment presentation - Corona

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Transcript CNUSD AVID Recruitment presentation - Corona

Corona Norco School
District AVID Program
Advancement Via Individual Determination
“While others talk about what should be done to prepare
students for college, AVID is doing it. For more than 30
years, the AVID College Readiness System has helped
thousands of students, many of whom are overlooked and
underserved, rise above the obstacles they face to achieve
academic success.”
What are the benefits of joining AVID?
Ongoing Mentoring
The AVID teacher serves as a college advisor
tracking the progress of each student towards
Progress reports are used to track student
Academic Support
• College tutors are paid to come into the AVID
class and work with our students, helping them
to become independent learners.
“College Going” Environment
• The atmosphere in the class is motivating and
students encourage each other to strive for their
College Visits
• All students are exposed directly to the colleges
via campus visits, including the Junior Trip
(Northern California).
SHS Students at Stanford
Guest Speakers
• Students are exposed to various careers and the
college life through the participation of guest
speakers from various colleges and professional
Reading and Writing
• Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, and Reading are
an integral part of the AVID class in order to
enhance the student’s skills.
College and Financial Aid Process
• Starting the Junior Year, but primarily during
senior year, students are given direct support in
applying for scholarships and completing the
financial aid process.
• Also, the students are monitored and supported
in the college application process.
Test Prep
• Students are given direct support with critical
exams; SAT, ACT, College Placement Test, etc.
Santiago AVID Students at Stanford
AVID Seeks To Enroll:
• First Generation College Students.
▫ This means you and your brothers and
sisters will be the first to not just attend,
but graduate from a four year university
and earn a bachelor’s degree in the
United States.
Students that are academically in the
middle or above.
• AVID is not an intervention program for
students that are failing or earning D’s in
multiple courses.
Students who seek to enroll in a four
year university directly after high
• Student and parents must agree to transition
from high school to a four year university, no
• If the goal of the family is to transition to a
community college, trade school, military, or the
work force we ask that you not apply to the
• Students that need the extra support
in the area of academics and college
mentoring as demonstrated by a
history of hardships or lack of
support in the students’ background.
AVID enrolls students of all ethnic
Want to join the AVID family?
• Complete an AVID application and return it to
your schools AVID coordinator or student