Picasso in Chicago - White Eagle Elementary School

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Transcript Picasso in Chicago - White Eagle Elementary School

Art Awareness
Lemons and
Pablo Picasso
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.“
~ Pablo Picasso
Picasso was
one of the
artists of the
He was born in
Malaga, Spain in
1881 and died in
France in 1973
Picasso’s father
was an art
teacher at a local
school. He
encouraged his
son to paint and
draw. He wanted
Picasso to
become a great
artist some day.
Picasso’s painting
style changed more
over the period of his
life than any other
artist. He was always
trying new and
different things. This
painting was done
when he was only
fifteen years old!
These paintings were done in his 50s
what a difference!
Pablo explained:
“I used to draw like Raphael, but it has taken me a
whole lifetime to draw like a child.”
Picasso would
paint things
that looked
very flat
Sometimes he would
paint things that
looked so round you
might be able to pick
them up off the
Then Picasso’s work changed
and became different from
everyone else’s. His best
friend died and Picasso felt
alone and sad. At the same
time, none of his paintings
were selling and he was
almost starving. Because of
his mood, Picasso began to
paint with lots of blue. He
made the people in his
paintings look lonely and
Not only were
Picasso’s colors
happier during his
rose period, but he
started painting
happier things-like
circus people. The
rose period didn’t last
long though, because
he found a new and
exciting way to paint.
Cubism was the next
style of painting that
Picasso developed
and made famous.
This is a cubist painting
of one of Picasso’s
friends. The man looks
like he’s been broken
up into little cubes.
Still Life
How many lemons
and oranges
do you see?
Near Daley Center - 50 feet tall and weighs 162 tons
Untitled - 1967
Have you seen this sculpture when you visited Chicago?
What do you think it is made of? (Steel)
What does the image look like? ( Horse? Seahorse? Dog? Dragon?)
Remember to slide down the sculpture like the kids do 
The Art Institute of Chicago
has many Picassos: 338 in all!
“When I was a child,
my mother said to me,
'If you become a
soldier, you'll be a
If you become a monk
you'll end up as the
Instead I became a
painter and wound up
as Picasso.”