Muscular System lesson 4

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Muscular System
Lesson Objectives
In today’s lesson you will:
• Can I understand the effect of diet on my
muscular system (B)
• Do I know that some drugs can enhance my
muscles performance? (A)
Why is it important that an athlete rests
between training sessions?
Discuss in groups of four, briefly discuss a 6
week training programme for an athlete of your
choice. Think about:
•How many sessions
•Specific muscles
•Resting times
•Competition times
Present to the rest of the class.
Long and Short Term Effects
• In exam, just the muscles.
Effects of Exercise
Increased demand for energy
Increased temperature
Waste product (Lactic
Acid) is produced
Muscle fatigue
Increased carbon
dioxide production
Effects of Exercise
Increased strength
of ligaments
Increased strength of
skeletal muscle
Increased strength of
Long term
Increased mitochondria
(site of aerobic respiration)
Increased size of
skeletal muscle
Increased Myoglobin
(oxygen store)
Types of Muscle Fibres
• Slow Twitch Fibres:
• Contract slowly without much force. Suited to
endurance activities
• E.g?
• Fast Twitch Fibres:
• Contract faster than slow twitch fibres with
much more force. Suited to activities that
needs strength and power
• E.g?
Key Words
• Myoglobin:
• Myoglobin is a protein found mainly in muscle
tissue where it serves as an storage site for
oxygen. During periods of oxygen deprivation
oxymyoglobin releases its bound oxygen
• Mitochondria:
• Mitochondria provide the energy a cell needs
to move, divide, produce products, contract in short, they are the power centres of the cell
• Proper nutrition is also another important
part of the recovery process
• Energy stores need to be replenished with
carbohydrates and fluids
• Protein in the diet is important for the
muscular system to recover
• Protein helps to repair and rebuild muscles
• Eat within two hours of stopping exercise
• The best way to build and repair muscles is
through safe and effective training methods
combined by a balanced diet
• Supplements are not necessary if the athlete
eats a proper balanced diet
• However some athletes do take supplements
such as protein pills
Performance Enhancing Drugs
• Some athletes use banned substances called
performance enhancing drugs
• Anabolic steroids are the most common form of these
• They are used to build size and strength of the muscles
quickly and speed up the recovery and injury process
• Athletes who use these can train harder and more
• This gives them an unfair advantage which is why they
are banned
• Seriously damage your health!
1. What food group aid growth and repair of
tissues? (1 mark)
2. Why are anabolic steroids banned? (1 mark)
3. What could the consequences be if an athlete
were to take steroids? (2 marks)
4. What types of food contain protein? (2 marks)
5. Write down 5 ways in which increased
muscles strength would benefit you in your
daily life. (5 marks)
In pairs go over the answers for the
Recap info from other lessons.
Lesson Objectives
In today’s lesson you will:
• Can I understand the effect of diet on my
muscular system (B)
• Do I know that some drugs can enhance my
muscles performance? (A)
Revise For Exam
Everything that we have learnt in last 4 lessons –
you need to know!
• Muscle names
• Antagonistic muscles
• Contractions
• Short and long term effects of exercise
• Diet
• Drugs