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Lesson 8
Defining Moments
• Any volunteer partner pairs wanting to introduce
their partner?
• Turn written introduction into tray!
Define Terms
In the Academic Vocabulary Section,
• Simile (pg 18)
• Hyperbole (pg 18)
Graphic Organizer
• We will be using the chart on page 18 to guide us in
understanding diction, syntax, imagery and tone in
the three stories.
• We will do “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros together
• You and a partner will analyze “Oranges” by Gary
Soto together
• You alone will look at an excerpt from Speak and
analyze using the graphic organizer
Shared Reading
• As we read, mark where you see examples of similes
and hyperboles.
• What do you notice about Cisneros’ use of syntax?
• Keeping the idea of voice foremost in mind, explain
why we use interior monologues every single day in
our lives.
• Why does Rachel not voice these feelings?
• What might happen if she did?
Shared Reading
• Mark the text as you and a partner read by
highlighting sensory images.
• Take notes about the speaker and his voice. Think
about the following: Who is the speaker? How old is
he? Where does this take place? How does he feel
about the girl/ What can we determine about his
personality based on the incident?
• Identify the similes in the poem.
• How does “Oranges” address the concept of
coming of age?
Partner Reading
• After reading by yourself, we will answer the
following questions as a class:
1. Cisneros’s use of imagery enables the reader to…
2. Soto’s diction helps define the speaker’s voice as
one who is…
3. Anderson’s diction establishes the narrator’s tone
4. Cisneros’s syntax helps to establish the speaker’s
voice by…
T = tone (the author’s attitude)
W = word choice (diction)
I = imagery
S = style
T = theme
Thesis / Main Idea Statement: Based on the TWIST analysis,
what is one inference you are able to make about the
purpose of this writing?
In (author’s) short story (title), the (author) uses (literary
element) in order to show…