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Mrs. Hitt rents a car for $50 a day and
pays an administration fee of $100.
What is the equation of the line?
State the slope and y-intercept of the
line: 4x + 8y = - 16
What is the slope of the line?
Write the equation
of a line with a
slope of -2 and the
point (0, -3)
What is the slope of a hiker
who rises 4 meters for
every horizontal change of
20 meters?
For your warm up today,
you will fill in this Slope
Reference Sheet.
(Make sure you get one
from me to fill in)
Choose your own values
for the tables – you can
use an example we have
already done in class.
What to do…….
1.Read the entire question through.
2.Look at any graphs, stories or tables that you have been
3.Because you are comparing two equations, write out at
least two equations.
4.Answer the questions that are posed.
Look carefully at the problems on the next few slides.
Example one:
A zebra’s main predator is a lion. Lions can run at a
speed of 53 feet per second over short distances. The
graph below shows the speed of a zebra. Compare the
speeds of the two animals.
Example two:
The equation m = 140h, where m is the miles traveled in h hours,
represents the speed of the first Japanese high speed train. The
speed of a high speed train operating today in China is shown in
the table. Assume the relationship between the two equations are
a. Compare the equations’ y-intercepts and rates of change.
b. If you ride each train for 5 hours, how far will you travel on
Example three:
The number of new movies a store receives can be represented
by the equation m = 7w + 2, where m represents the number of
movies and w represents the number of weeks. The number of
games the same store receives is shown in the table.
a.Compare the equations’ y-intercepts and rate of change.
b. How many new movies and games will the store have in 6
Example four:
Angela and Benjamin each have a monthly cell phone bill. Angela’s
monthly cell phone bill is represented by the equation y = 0.15x + 49,
where x represents the minutes and y represents the cost. Benjamin’s
monthly cost is shown in the graph.
Which of the two has the better deal? When will the bills be
the same? What will the monthly bill be for 200 minutes?
Example five:
A museum charges $12.50 per adult ticket. The price of a student ticket
is represented in the table.
Which statement is NOT true?
a. The adult ticket price has a greater rate of change.
b. Both equations have the same y-intercept.
c. The student ticket price has a greater rate of change?
d. Both equations go through the origin.
Example six:
Raj gets a 1.5 mile head start and runs at a rate of 4.5 miles
per hour. Jacinda’s progress is represented by a graph
that goes through the points (1, 10), (2, 20), and (3,30).
How long will Jacinda need to run to catch up to Raj?
Comparing Functions Activity
With your group, you are to complete the worksheet by
comparing either:
A table and a graph
A table and an equation
A table, a graph and an equation
Make sure you answer the questions in complete