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Using OpenSource MuleESB And QXtend To Build Robust SOA Solutions

Gary Yang, Roundview Technologies

QXtend & MuleESB

About Gary Yang And Roundview Technologies

Have been a QAD consultant / solution architect since 1997

Started own consulting business in 2010

Pioneer in QXtend integration framework implementations with the first successful project in QXtend and a number of large scale projects, such as Eaton, Visteon, Avery Dennison, Nexteer, Tower, Freudenburg-NOK, Harris, Physio-Control (Medtronic), Superior Industries, A. O. Smith, Excel Industries, Sugar Foods

Specialize in advanced / new QAD technologies, .Net UI, CSS, Enterprise Financials, Performance Tuning, Non-Intrusive Customizations

Have team of consultants in US and China available globally

QXtend & MuleESB

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA is a business operations strategy for leveraging information to meet the enterprise’s objectives and deliver business capacity

SOA provides a set of principles of governing concepts used during phases of system development and integration

With loose coupling of services, SOA fulfils intra and inter-enterprise services reuse and process interoperability

SOA will automate business functions and deliver solutions cheaper, better and faster

QXtend & MuleESB

*From QAD QXtend Training Guide

QXtend & MuleESB

QXtend Inbound

         

Supports versions eB through QAD 2012EE and SE Receive QDocs via Web Service and process QDocs by a pool of sessions (multi threaded) Supports both standard and custom QDocs Security checking QAD Enterprise Applications authentication XML message validation E-mail alerts Pre/post-processing available for added functionality Query Service (in conjunction with QXO) allows real time query into QAD Enterprise Applications Service Interface for maximum flexibility

QXtend & MuleESB

QXtend Inbound (QXI) Enterprise Interfaces QXtend Outbound 3 rd Party Programs QDoc SOAP (XML) Over HTTP QXtend Inbound QAD App QAD App QAD EA

QXtend & MuleESB

QXtend Inbound vs. CIM

CIM Has Been Used Very Often In Integration Solutions, But…

Sequence sensitive

 

Easy to break Only works with character interface

   

Difficult response tracking / exception handling Difficult to work across servers / databases / domains Maintenance programs with UI triggers (wrappers, ICT, TailorPro) will fail End of life approach

QXtend Is The Answer To The Problems With CIM

QXtend & MuleESB

Query Service And Service Interface (SI)

   

Allow the data retrieval from QAD via the Web Service Easy to build for conventional queries Flexible SI for more complex logic such as best pricing or BOM (recursive algorithm) Si can also be used to handle high volume transactions where UI API does not perform well enough

QXtend & MuleESB

QXtend Outbound

Provides outbound QAD integration

Event-based publish subscribe model

Direct Data Publishing model (DDP)

Publishes QDocs or other XML documents

Delivers to subscriber via web-service or file

Real time or batched

Built-in email alerts

QXtend Case Study

Bank Interfaces



QAD .Net UI Or Batch Initiates Messaging (Event Or DDP)

Shipping Info For Customs (2TS) (SRM) Spend Management

QXtend & MuleESB

Shared Service Model

Source Application QXO UI MFG/PRO #1 Adapter QDocs Subscriber MFG/PRO #1 (via QXI) MFG/PRO #2 Adapter MFG/PRO #3 Adapter QXO Server MFG/PRO #2 (via QXI) MFG/PRO #3 (via QXI) JCAPS (EAI)

QXtend & MuleESB

Solutions We Built With QXtend

Inbound And Outbound Third Party Software Integrations

 

Data Replications

 

Master Data Transactional Data QAD Customizations – Turn QAD Modules Into Objects

QAD Data Load / Conversion Utilities

Web Based Solution Integrations

From QAD eB through 2012 EE

QXtend & MuleESB

Selected List Of Customers We Helped With QXtend Solutions

QXtend & MuleESB

The Need For An Efficient Messaging Middleware

QXtend is a point-to-point solution if connected directly with the client

Cannot handle asynchronous processing

Difficult to manage messaging exceptions, retries, and notifications

No visibility of the processing by business

No guaranteed delivery

Difficult to manage large number of interfaces

QXtend & MuleESB

*From QAD QXtend Training Guide

QXtend & MuleESB

Choices Of Messaging Middleware

Oracle Fusion / WebMethod

IBM WebSphere MQ

Sonic ESB

Sun (Oracle) JCAPS

Microsoft BizTalk

Open Source Solutions

QXtend & MuleESB

No. 1 Open Source ESB Solution - MuleESB

Free Base ESB Product

Commercial Strength

Graphical Workflow Design

Mule Studio For IDE

Scalable, Reliable and Extensible

QXtend & MuleESB

Using MuleESB In QXtend Centric Architecture

QXtend & MuleESB

QXtend Outbound Flow

QXtend & MuleESB

QXtend Inbound Flow: Synchronous

QXtend & MuleESB

QXtend Inbound Flow: Asynchronous

QXtend & MuleESB

Portal For Business Visibility – The Key To Success

Remove The Need For IT To Be In The Middle Of Daily Data Issue Resolution

Empower Business With The Tools They Need

Provide Visibility To The Messaging Status And Cause Of Failures

Provide business with reprocessing capabilities in certain situations

Have Used Similar Approaches At Visteon, Nexteer, Lang-Mekra And They Were All Well Received

QXtend & MuleESB

QXtend & MuleESB

QXtend & MuleESB


MuleESB is an affordable middleware solution for customers need more robust integration solution

Business Portal provides great visibility and issue resolution tools for business to take control of the integration process

QXtend & MuleESB


Gary Yang At [email protected]

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