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Transcript Overview of the CJA Task Force - National Resource Center for

Webinar Discussion
on the
Children’s Justice Act
• Welcome and Introductions
• Children’s Bureau
– Legislative Requirements
– CB expectations
• State Presentations on their Task Forces
– Colorado
– Kentucky
– Ohio
• Wrap Up, Resources and Webinar Posting
Task Force Requirements
All States must provide as part of the application:
Establishment/Maintenance of a Task Force (Sections
107(b)(2) and 107(c)(1) of the Act)
Documentation that the State has established or designated and
maintained a multidisciplinary Task Force on children's justice,
composed of professionals with knowledge of and experience with the
criminal justice system and the system handling child physical abuse,
child neglect, child sexual abuse and exploitation, and child
maltreatment related fatalities.
Task Force Requirements
Documentation that the State Task Force includes members representing the following disciplines
as specified in Section 107(c)(1) of the Act:
• Law Enforcement Community
• Criminal Court Judge(s)
• Civil Court Judge(s)
• Prosecuting Attorney(s)
• Defense Attorney(s)
• Child Advocate(s) (Attorney(s) for Children)
• Court Appointed Special Advocate Representative(s), where such programs are in
• Health Professional(s)
• Mental Health Professional(s)
• Child Protective Service Agencies
• Individual(s) experienced in working with children with disabilities
• Parents and Representative of Parent Groups
• Adult former victims of child abuse and or neglect; and
• Individuals experienced in working with homeless children and youths (as
defined in section 725 of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (42
U.S.C. 11434a)).
• Agency: Colorado Department of Human Services
• Grant Award: Approximately $280,000
• Structure and Management:
Functions as a Citizen Review Panel
Has by-laws
Volunteers participate with three-year terms
Co-Chairs are a volunteer and the CAPTA/CJA Administrator
Quarterly meetings
Presenter(s): Lorendia Schmidt, CAPTA Administrator, Division of Child Welfare
[email protected], 303-866-4268
Agency: Department for Community Based Services
Division of Protection and Permanency
Grant Award: $243,447 FFY2013
Structure and Management:
• The task force members are either appointed by our Commissioner or agree
to volunteer.
• The task force elects a chair person.
• The task force has by-laws and decisions are made by a quorum.
• Kentucky has a coordinator who is contracted through the University of
• Money flows through Department of Community Based Services, who act
upon task force recommendations
Presenter: Bridget Frailley
• Agency: Ohio Department of Job and Family
• Grant Award: $557,795
• Structure and Management:
– Subcommittee on Responding to Child Abuse, Neglect and
• Subcommittee under the Supreme Court of Ohio
– Co-managed by Ohio CJA Coordinator and Ohio Court
Improvement Program Coordinator
– Appointments made by Supreme Court of Ohio
• Presenter(s): Kristin Gilbert, Ohio CJA
More Information
• CJA Resources:
– Available at www.nrccps.org
• Peer Network Support tab (CJA)
• Presenters/State Contacts:
– Colorado
• Lorendia Schmidt ([email protected])
– Kentucky
• Bridget Frailley ([email protected])
– Ohio
• Kristin Gilbert ([email protected])
– Children’s Bureau:
• Catherine Luby ([email protected])
• Christie Matlock ([email protected])
• Kathy Simms, NRCCPS Peer Network Support
([email protected])