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MN All-State
Lutheran Choir
Founded in 1969 by Mark Aamot, the Minnesota
All-State Lutheran Choir (MASLC), is currently
under the direction of Dr. Thomas D. Rossin.
During its 40 plus years, the choir has grown to
include over 1,450 alumni who have shared sacred
music and Christian witness in approximately 150
churches throughout the state.
In June, the 45 – 60 voice
choir assembles at
beautiful Mt. Carmel Camp
near Alexandria. There, in
seclusion, the singers
participate in eight days of
rehearsal, Bible study and
discussion concerning the
meaning of the texts they
will be singing on the tour.
The program has two main goals
The first is to provide young people with a
spiritually aesthetic experience.
Rehearsals are the main activity of the camp, and it is through
these rehearsals, the related devotions, and small group
discussions that the students grow in their personal faith.
The belief that the sensitivity and language of music
can foster such an atmosphere for growth has been proven
beyond our greatest expectations.
The camp, however, is only the beginning…
The concert tour which follows (the
second goal) provides the
realization of that faith-building
The enthusiasm for church music
is transferred from the choir to
the congregations visited on tour.
The choir hopes to convey to
congregations the joy of
involvement in music during worship.
The Tour
The choir gets to travel all
throughout the state of MN
performing concerts each
night, sharing the Word of God
through music.
While concerts are the main
goal of tour, there is plenty of
time for fun and service.
The Details
Camp Dates:
Friday, June 12 through
Saturday, June 20, 2015
Tour Dates:
Saturday, June 20 through
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
The Cost:
$600 for a 20 day
8 days at camp (food and
Host families for lodging on
tour and 2 meals per day
MASLC vs. Other summer options
Other summer options
 Cost is $600 for a 20 day
 Lutheran Summer Music
4 week program - $3,195
 Lodging and most meals
 MN Show Choir Camp
Overnight one week - $675
 Transportation on a 12 day tour
around the state of MN!
 Various Overnight Sports camps
Vary in cost from $520-900 for
one week
Auditions are open to all Minnesota Lutheran students
currently in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.
Auditions are designed to be short and painless. Auditions are
approximately 15 minutes in length and consist of singing scales and
sightreading a short music example. Students do not need to prepare solo
literature for auditions.
Visit this website for audition places and times:
blessed with donations which will provide a number of scholarships
to students who need financial assistance.
The amount of a scholarship awarded ranges from $100.00 to $600.00.
After auditioning, if you are chosen to be in the Minnesota All-State Lutheran Choir you will
be eligible to apply for a scholarship. You must also send in your deposit before being
considered for a scholarship. Refunds will be made if the scholarship covers more than the
cost of the program.
MASLC 2015
 Information available at or by
contacting the Exultate office at 651-707-0727