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Transcript PPT on Siddhartha Essay the_siddhartha_essay

As a Summative Assessment of the Siddhartha Unit and to help
prepare your for the writing HSPE you will be composing an
essay on one of the following prompts:
Prompt #1: Throughout the novel Siddhartha struggles to
find enlightenment. Choose the three most influential
events that helped shaped Siddhartha into an enlightened
person. What was his belief at the beginning in the novel?
How did it change in the middle of the book? How did
Siddhartha see himself at the end of the novel?
Prompt #2: Throughout his journey, Siddhartha meets
many people who have a profound impact on him. Who
was Siddhartha’s greatest teacher? Identify three lessons
that this person taught Siddhartha and how these lessons
influenced him.
– 4 pages
 Double-Spaced
 Times New Roman Font
 Includes 3 quotes from Siddhartha
 MLA Format (Header, Heading, Margins, InText Citations)
 3 Drafts w/revisions
 Clear Thesis and Subtopics
Draft 1: Introduction Paragraph
Draft 2: Body Paragraphs
Draft 3: Full Draft
*Please Note: Because he has 90 students, Mr.
Sun-K will only give feedback on one draft per
class. If you want more feedback from Mr. SunK, please see him after school, during lunch, or
email him a draft.
*Please also Note: If you want me to print out
drafts, put it on flash drive. I do not accept
drafts emailed to me!!!!
Formative Assignments
Summative Assignments
Brainstorm (30 pts)
Outline (50 pts)
Transition Activity (20 pts)
Draft 1 (30 pts)
Draft 2 (50 pts)
Draft 3 (75 pts)
Learning Log (120 pts)
Writing Terms Quiz (20 pts)
Final Draft (100 pts)
To help prepare you for the Writing portion of
the HSPE and the give you some vocabulary for
our essays for the rest of the year, we will be
reviewing writing terms:
-So What? -Conclusion
-Topic Sentence
MLA is an abbreviation
for the Modern
Language Association.
The MLA is an
organization that
determines grammar
and format for writing
used in high schools and
For the purpose of this
essay, you will need to
follow the format you
will see to the left.
 Mon.
11/14: Draft 1: Intro. Paragraph Due
(Formative Assignment – 30 points)
 Thurs. 11/17: Draft 2: Body Paragraphs Due
(Formative Assignment – 50 points)
 Wed. 11/23: Quiz on Writing Terms
(Summative Assignment – 20 points)
 Mon. 11/28: Draft 3: Full Draft Due
(Formative Assignment – 75 points)
 Wed. 11/30: Final Draft Due (Summative
Assignment – 100 points),
Outline/Brainstorm, and Learning Log Due