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 Theme song from Space Odyssey

By Nancy Horton, Supervisor for Adult Ed Computer Center & Sherry Woodward, Adult & Family Literacy Manager Waubonsee Community College, Aurora, IL

     Our teachers are required to go through a one hour training (we offer professional development) We show them how to operate, and integrate these tablets into their classroom lessons They are encouraged to suggest “Favorite” websites that can be added to each tablet by the technical person responsible A sign in/out sheet procedure should be in place for those teachers checking them out Once teachers are trained and using tablets in the classroom, additional help from tech person is available

     The

On/Off switch

on right side at the top. Hold down for a few seconds To

“wake up”

the unit, press on/off button lightly Swipe screen with your finger to




screen should pop up. This is your desktop

Adjust the volume

by using button on the right side of unit, next to on/off button

    For

additional apps

not on the desktop , click on the icon labeled



get back to the desktop

, click on the picture of the


on the bottom of screen. Open


Click on



When you are

done with tablet

, click on

Application Monitor

from the desktop, then click on

End All


          Internet Online Dictionary Google I-Pathways Khan Academy Constitution Kindle Google Play Books Calculator Calendar

 ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ To access settings, there is an icon on the desktop. Click on this icon.

Shows if you are connected to Wi-Fi Display Sound Battery Power Other Options

There are many Internet favorites already loaded on the tablets

 To access these favorites, click on the

Internet icon

on your desktop. Once the Internet loads, you can click on the not click on it.

Star icon

located on the far right of the screen. There is also a gold star – do

• • Pre-loaded Classics, i.e. Great Expectations, The Three Musketeers, etc.

You may search for

free books online

you feel would be let your technical person know, and units . If you find one(s) that beneficial for students, he/she will add to all Kindle • FREE BOOKS Google

   Students do not need a user account to do the exercises – however will not save data If you or they want to track their progress, they can use any email they already have, and the website will prompt them to create a user name and password ◦ Can also use their Facebook login Instructors can click on the “Coach” tab on the website and check on their students’ progress – it shows the questions they struggled on, etc.

      This program is for

GED instructors

By request, our Dean will give GED teachers their own username and password Each teacher then sets up his or her own students with their logins If students come into the AECC to use I-Pathways, they must have a user name and password and remember what it is States that are currently using Pathways are: IL, MN, MD, IA, NE, RI, NY, DE, NC, WA, SD Pilot States: CA & MI

  Once you click on the Google icon on the desktop, a Google search bar will appear with the keyboard underneath.

You may type in your “key” word, or you may click on the microphone button, and speak the “key” word(s) you want to search ◦ Let’s all say “Bourbon Street” ◦ Click on the Wikipedia link - To expand your screen, either tap twice or take your fingers and move them outward

  Must

reserve them in advance

Nancy X4128, or Cristhian X4232, or stop by. Indicate how many you need and what time and date by calling Each teacher is responsible for

retrieving and returning

the tablets on the morning or evening they are desired. See Nancy or Sherry in the day time and Cristhian at night

 

AECC staff will have a

checkout sheet

which will be given to each teacher

The teacher must have

each student initial

when they receive the tablet and when they return it All tablets must be returned

30 minutes

before your class ends

Schedule Sheet for Tablets

Instructor's Name________________________________________Date_____________ Time________


g51-1 g51-2 g51-3 g51-4 g51-5 g51-6 g51-7 g51-8 g51-9 g51-10 g52-1 g52-2 g52-3 g52-4 g52-5 g52-6 g52-7 g52-8 g52-9 g52-10 g53-1 g53-2 g53-3 g53-4 g53-5 g53-6 g53-7 g53-8 g53-9 g53-10 g54-1 g54-2 g54-3 g54-4 g54-5 g54-6 g54-7 g54-8 g54-9 g54-10

White Tag

018818 020001 020002 020006 020009 020011 020013 020017 020018 020019 020020 020021 020022 020023 020024 020025 020026 020027 020028 020029 020030 020031 020032 020033 020034 020035 020036 020037 020038 020000 020003 020004 020005 020007 020008 020010 020012 020014 020015 020016

Serial #

R32C5024XX R32C502SXFD R32C502ACYF R32C502SXNJ R32C502ACSP R32C502ACVX R32C502AAHZ R32C502A6YE R32C502R4NT R32C502R4JM R32C502R4YN R32C50395KB R32C50395QP R32C502YNBR R32C50395MZ R32C50395NY R32C503EGTL R32C503EH1X R32C503EH5R R32C503EH2N R32C503EGKE R32C400PSMA R32C400PSQX R32C400PSPD R32C400SMVL R32C400PSNP R32C502T7MZ R32C502V18A R32C502T7FW R32C502R26N R32C502SXLR R32C502CKPJ R32C502R2CM R32C502SXQW R32C502ACWN R32C502SXKF R32C502AA8H R32C502AAGK R32C502AA1P R32C502AA0A

AECC Check Out (√) Student Initial Student Initial Sign In Sign Out

    All tablets need to be

returned each day/evening

after use – not to be taken home Please

do not add Internet favorites

items to the desktop – If you find a useful site, let your technical person know , or If you find any Kindle or Google, again let your technical person know

useful free books


Keep an eye on students

to make sure they are not adding items to the tablet

   Some students may have

trouble using the touchscreen

like using their fingernail or a pen I-Phone or I-Pod headphones do work with the tablets. Students must provide their own – we do not supply them.


no food, gum or liquid

near the tablets

       The current model we have needs Flash to run videos and interactive software They don’t seem to keep a charge for very long If the system software needs upgrading, you must do each tablet separately When adding Favorite websites, must add them to each tablet – easy but time consuming We use basically for Internet. However, there is a free program called Kingsoft Office that has docs, spreadsheets & presentations. You can also access your work and home email, which is convenient if you are away from the office Some adult ed interactive programs, such as Ventures, the screen is too small and it will not allow you to “stretch” it like other screens will do You may not get all the standard “home” pages, such as your local library or newspaper

  Very popular in the Evidence Based Reading Instruction classrooms (EBRI) One-on-one teacher training This instructor wasn’t able to attend group tablet training These students are working hard on a spelling website This teacher is assisting her student in getting onto a website with short stories

• • • • • • “We use it at the beginning of the class to encourage them to arrive on time.” “Introduced them to websites they can also use at home.” “Incorporate the use of the tablet with our EBRI components.” “Reading class uses them for vocabulary practice and to research reading topics” “Higher level ESL class uses them to research blogs for their writing assignments.” “Wonderful teaching tool for both the younger students who are text savvy and for the older students that are using this type of technology for the first time.”

  “The library information is a learning experience and the different websites also.” “The application homebound services is a excellent idea for those individuals that are disabled or handicapped with special needs.”

1. Go to Who were the two main characters named after in the Big Bang Theory TV Show?

2. Go to apollo_11 According to this website, what was the time & date Apollo 11 landed on the moon?

3. Go to Leonard Nimoy (Dr. Spock) improvised many elements of his character. Name one thing he suggested on his own that became “famous.” 4. Go to What does the word “galaxy” mean?






Television producer – Sheldon Leonard 3:17 p.m. EST on July 20, 1969 Vulcan Neck Pinch Greek word for “Milky” referring to Milky Way

Social Revolution 3

       Press on “Home” Press on “Application Monitor” Press on “End All” Press “OK” Press on “Home” Hold the on/off switch in and a prompt will come up. Press “Power off” Press “OK”

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 Theme song from Space Odyssey