Irish Myths and Legends

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Transcript Irish Myths and Legends

Irish Myths and Legends
By Teresa Clohessy
The Salmon of Knowledge
• The Salmon of Knowledge is about a boy called Fionn who
wants to join the Fianna.
• A poet called Finneagas catches a Salmon and tells Fionn to
cook it
• Fionn touches the Salmon while cooking and burns his finger.
Children of Lir
• Once there was four children, their mother
died, so their father married again.
• Their new mother was called Aoife.
• Aoife took them to the pond for a swim and
turned them into swans.
Oisín in Tír na nÓg
• Oisín is the son of Fionn, a beautiful lady
called Niamh comes along.
• Oisín go’s to Tír na nÓg and marries Niamh
and lives there for 300 years.
• Oisín returns to Ireland and gets old and dies
• Once there was a boy called Setanta who
wanted to join the Red Branch Knights
• He was playing hurling with rough boys and
distracted King Conner Playing Chess.
• The dog was killed by swallowing a ball and
Setanta guarded the house.