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Transcript Recruitment Team for Select Leaders

Leadership Portfolio
Personal Mission Statement
I will aim to pursue life with an enthusiasm for happiness each day. I will strive to share my strengths with
others to accomplish success and help pull the best out of others. I will live a healthy lifestyle. I will stay true
to myself and the values my parents have instilled in me. I will be honest and respectful to build strong and
lasting relationships with many people in my life. I will make the best of each opportunity that comes my
way. I will remember each day is a blessing.
Embrace each
day with an
open mind and
opportunity it
will present.
better myself
physically, and
Nurture strong
and learn from
those around
attribute my
strengths and
learn from
Stay true to
myself and my
morals. Begin
with the end in
Leadership Style
Personal Strengths
Goal oriented and ambitions. I have an
excitement for my future that I let drive me.
Areas for Improvement
Confident and not afraid to embrace new
I am very organized and can manage my time
Ability to motivate others to complete tasks
Relationship oriented. I value other people and
their opinions.
Strong sense of self awareness.
Perfectionist. I strive to do the best job I can but
sometimes I can expect too much from myself
and others.
I have a hard time saying no and try to please
everyone. I often stretch myself too thin.
I can be too demanding sometimes and become
very focused on the end goal that I neglect
others feelings and opinions in the process.
Emotions get the best of me and I can
irrationally deal with situations.
Five Leaders I Identify With
Alice Paul
• In the early 1900s women were seen as second class citizens. Alice fought tirelessly for Women’s suffrage. She lead
thousands of women despite violence, ridicule, and adversity. I respect her for her immense courage and for the ability
to see a brighter future. In her time many people thought that she was fighting for something that would never be,
which we know now is untrue. It takes courage and innovation to make change for the future.
• I admire my Mother for being a strong willed women. She has taught me to stand up for myself and what I believe in.
She left her career to raise children which was an amazing sacrifice. I admire my Father for supporting her decision
and for not looking at her as any less of a contributor in the family for not bringing in an income. My Parents did their
Kathleen &
Mark Dewar best to raise me to be a good person. They instilled many values to keep me grounded and respect others.
• Leading a country on a quest for freedom Gandhi was a true inspiration. He practiced peaceful protests and
demonstrations. He had a vision for the future and was persistent in reaching peace. What inspires me is his way of
leading people despite his peaceful and soft-spoken traits.
• Leading not only his country but all of the Western World, Winston gave people someone to trust during WWII. He
was an amazing speaker and moved people with his words. He used his past experiences, successes and failures, to
make decisions to lead a nation. He had an amazing ability to influence.
• "A leader is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others
follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind." This quote from Nelson Mandela is one I can
identify with, meaning to be a great leader does not necessarily mean having the highest position or the loudest voice.
He lead South Africa into a nonracial democratic state with courage and respect.
My Differential Advantages
I believe I am distinct from other leaders because of my determination,
optimism, and character. I try to do the best job I can while supporting
others. I try to make sure everyone in a group feels comfortable and open
to contributing. Respecting others and valuing their opinions is something
that is crucial to success. I try to be as optimistic about situations as possible,
while at the same time very honest and real. I choose not to delay or sugar
coat situations in attempt to be efficient. I have a strong character and I
value respect, honestly, and loyalty very highly. I believe to be an effective
leader you must be able to bring out the best in others and I am constantly
trying to do just that.
My Five Year Plan
Contribute and
learn from my
I hope to have a
Accept a summer internship
better idea of what
career path within
Accept a job
business I’d like to
Be settled into my
new job and
I hope to be
married and
preparing to start
a family
Graduate on time!!
Have potential job offers
for after graduation
Get an on
campus job
that will be
Become more
active on campus
with groups that
are tailored to my
Complete a rotation in my field
to gain experience and be in a
higher position than when I first
started the job
The next five years of my life are going to bring many
changes and opportunities to grow and develop. While I
am not sure what career path I will choose to go down, I
plan to pick one that inspires me to work hard and grow.
I want to travel overseas at some point. The future can be
scary, but I am excited and ready for the endless
opportunities ahead.
The Mentoring Process
I was just paired with my mentor this quarter. We have just begun to develop our relationship and it is
already valuable. Select has opened my eyes to a different way of looking at mentorship. I used to think a
mentor was something very formal. I know realize that mentoring is a constant relationship of give and take.
While Select has set up a formal mentor for me in the program, I constantly feel mentored by many others
in the group. Being surrounded by and part of a group of people who are so smart, driven, and passionate,
challenges me to push myself.
From talking about mentorship in Select it has made me realize that I already have mentors that I never
realized. From this realization, I now am more aware of the value that relationship has and can nurture it to
stay close with them.
I also have had a new outlook on being a mentor myself. Being someone that others respect and value is
gratifying. And I look for opportunities to be an open ear for friends, family, and other peers.
Leadership Experience
Team Member At Nelson Dining Hall: Independence is something my parents have always stressed.
Since I am paying for college on my own, working while at school is crucial. Working the same shifts
each week allows you to develop relationships with the other team members. I have been awarded
employee of the week and employee of the shift while working. It has taught me discipline and time
Recruitment Team for Select Leaders: This is my first quarter with the group and being part of
the recruitment team has given me a chance to become more involved. I made flyers for
upcoming events and helped develop a strategy for the 2012 recruitment season.
Big Brothers Big Sisters Athens: I recently became involved with BBBS because I wanted to have an
impact on the Athens community. I am waiting to be matched with a little, but look forward to
mentoring and developing the child. I love working with kids and hope to be a positive influence in her