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Transcript Ground Control Station Software PPT

• GCS Software responsible for:
– Receiving Data from the CanSat at Ground Station
in real time
– Storing the received raw data
– Processing this raw data in real time to show
meaningful data in presentable manner via graphs
or map plots
Receiving Antenna
connected via USB port
to your GCS PC/Laptop
Storing the
received raw
Processing this raw
data in real time to
get real time graphs
• We will learn to create a system that will cater
to all roles required of GCS software
• This will be a really simple module and you
can improvise on this or take a different
approach for designing your own for the
• The language we will be using for the
workshop: Java
• We need to interact with the USB port from
within the Java program
• We use the javaxcomm library for this. You can
get it at:
• Let’s see how to use this library
• Configuration steps once you download javaxcomm:
• comm.jar should be placed in:
• win32com.dll should be placed in:
• should be placed in:
• Let’s see a sample program
• For real time plotting of data you can use an
open source library. For java an example open
source library is LiveGraph. It is available for
download at:
• Let’s see the nature of data and it’s plot in live
graph application
• GPS data can be viewed in Google Earth
• For this we need to create an appropriate KML
• Just like HTML file is to a browser, KML file is
to Google Earth application
• Let’s see a typical KML file
• We have to auto-generate this KML file from
the GPS data
• Here we have outlined a simplistic Java based
application for GCS software
• You are welcome to not use this and use
other libraries in other programming
languages. You can also use MATLAB for
reading data from USB port and designing a UI
for plotting the same in Matlab
• The raw data we get from the CanSat may
have errors as loss of data or the data being
incorrect due to wireless mode of transfer
from the CanSat to the GCS
• A real world ground station software needs to
take care of these