Linac Control & Monitoring

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Transcript Linac Control & Monitoring

PLS-II Control System
Mun Gyung Kim
Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
October 27, 2014
WAO 2014, Mainz, Germany
PLS-II has been upgraded from PLS (Pohang Light Source)
from 2011. There are several important changes. At first
electron beam energy changed from 2.5 GeV to 3.0 GeV.
Operation mode was changed from decay to top-up. RF
systems in the storage ring were changed from 5 normal
conducting cavities to 3 super conducting cavities. Two times of
insertion devices than PLS were installed. These mean we need
a new control system to control them with more high accuracy
and safety. Furthermore we wish operator and user friendly
systems, specially using mobile phones. During last three years
we have developed the control systems step by step in these
Major Changes from PLS to PLS-II
• Beam Current from 190 mA to 400 mA (Now 320 mA service)
• Energy : 2.5 GeV to 3.0 GeV
• Operation Mode: from Decay to Top-up
• Injection : from every 8 hr. to every 190 sec.
• No. of In-vacuum insertion device : 1 (min. 8.0 mm operation) to 12
(min. 6 mm operation)
• BPM: 108 Bergoz BPM (No TBT, No Post Mortem Signal) > 96 Libera
Brilliances (TBT, PM Data possible for beam dump)
• Orbit feedback : SOFB > SOFB, FOFB
• Linac RF : 12 klystron-modulator to 16 klystron-modulator
• SR RF : 5 normal conducting cavities to 3 super conducting Cavities
Major Changes from PLS to PLS-II
• B/L PBPM : installed in 3 BLs but not used actually (PLS)
every BL installed using orbit reference(PLS-II)
• PBPM Feedback : None in PLS, 2 B/L feedback in PLS-II
• Linac Diagnostics: Only Analogue Signals with CCTV monitoring (12
Bergoz BPM(10) + Libera Single EassE (16) + OTR in PLS-II
• Timing delay control: DG535 in Local in PLS
EVR + EVG digital remoter control in PLS-II
• Operation S/W : VEM, C, MEDM mainly, in special case(SOFB) matl
ab + epics in PLS,
VME, C in special case(SR BPM), but mainly matlab, EDM, MEDM,
Control Room Concept
• Focused Main Parameters Monitoring
• Separate Monitoring & Control Place
• Include Control Program Development Space
- effective in commissioning
(we had only 6 months to install of PLS-II)
• Upgrade Meeting Place
• Healthy & Safety
Main Monitoring Panel
Composed by 8 PLD Panels with 40”size
Main Monitoring Panel - Left
Main Monitoring Panel - Light
SR Beam Parameters & ID Gap Monitoring
CCTV – SR tunnel, Shed, Kicker PS
Fire Monitoring!
During commissioning, the kicker PS was fired!
After that we installed CCTV camera in kicker PS.
Linac Control & Monitoring
 Linac Status Monitoring
 Top Up Status
 Kicker
 Buncher
 Energy Feedback
Linac Status Monitoring
LINAC Top Menu
BTL MPS Control
BTL MPS Control Panel
LINAC MPS / Pre-injector
Pre-injector MPS Control Panel
Linac MPS Control Panel
LINAC RF Power & Phase Control
Linac Energy Feedback
Measurement Injected Beam Energy & Energy Spread during Injection
from Peak position and Beam Size
LINAC / BTL BPM (LINAC / BTL Orbit) Monitoring
FCT Charge
LINAC Cooling Status
Problems about Linac Control & Monitoring
 Too many control & Monitoring panels
 Machine turn time is necessary to be short
 Improve machine turn on reliabilities.
 Include several automation control programs
1 Click Linac Automation Control
In development, beta test in next month
Storage Ring
 Top-up Parameter Monitoring
 MPS Control
 Kicker Control
 RF Control & reset
 Top-up Control
 BL PBPM status monitoring
 Slow Orbit Feedback
 ID Gap Control
 SR Vacuum & Temperature
 Scraper
Top Up Status Monitoring
SR MPS Control Panel
SR RF Control
1. RF Ready : Interlock related (MIS, PSI)
2. RF Gap Voltage Control
3. Gap Parameter Monitor : Voltage, Phase, Detune Phase
4. LLRF (Low Level RF) Control & Reset
5. KSU (Klystron Power Supply Unit) : Monitor & Reset
6. RF Voltage, Power, Vacuum Graph
Control Panel
Pulse Form Wave
During Injection
Top Up Control
SOFB (Slow Orbit Feedback)
TBT BPM Monitoring
SR Orbit Monitoring
Tune Monitoring
MIS (Machine Interlock System)
SR Vacuum & Temperature OPI - Monitoring
Stored Beam Scraper
Slowdown beam dump to reduce RF cavities shock pulse power by quick
beam dump
PBPM Monitoring
ID Gap Control OPI
Personal Safety Interlock System (PSI)
 Personal Safety Control and Monitoring for Radiation
(Radiation Shielding, Interlock, Procedure for Entering)
 Control Situation
 No Access Mode
 Controlled Access Mode
 Restricted Access Mode
 Free Access
 Trip
 Case of Trip
 Top-up Mode / Decay Mode Operation
 Search for Operation
PSI (Personal Safety Interlock) Radiation
SR PSI Status Panel
Mode C’TRL Panel
SR Radiation
Entrance Log
CCTV Monitor
- Door to SR
Linac PSI Status
PSI - Radiation Monitoring
Experimental Hall Wall
Beamline Hutch
Linac Tunnel & Gallery
Around Site
Bldg Fire Alarm Monitoring
Voice Announcement for Users about Beam Operation Status
Mobile Phone Service for Users
Operation Schedule
Public Visitor
Beam Time Table
Guest Room
Mobile Phone Service for Users
Web IOC Data Service - Plan to Big Data
Control Room Composition
PLS Control Room
Emergency lamp
Information for users
SR Control
& Monitor
E-beam Signal
Linac control
Meeting Table
Fluorescent lamp
Air Cooler
Server Room
PLS-II Control Room
Composed by 5 areas: Monitoring, Control, Meeting, PSI, Operator
Meeting Place
PLS-II Control Room
Beam Physics
Gr, Office
PLS-II Control Room
Meeting Place
Windows for operators
Fire Extinguisher Controller
PLS-II Control Room
Well-being Concepts : Healthy & Safety
Air Conditioner
Fire Extinguisher
With Halon Gas
LED lamp
Control Room View from Outside
For Public Relation! View of public visitors.