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eProSe-Ext document list
SA2#107 eProSe-EXT drafting
UE-NW Relay
• Unicast to Multicast Relay (To decide how to proceed)
• S2-150359 P-CR Multicast from UE-Network relay using 'unicast' link to network Vodafone
• S2-150279 P-CR Relay Group Data by Unicasting on Uu Huawei, HiSilicon
• S2-150367 P-CR Resolution of TR 23.713 section 7.2 FFS topics Alcatel-Lucent, AlcatelLucent Shanghai Bell
• S2-150058 P-CR Reuse the ProSe Layer-2 Group ID for eMBMS traffic relay ZTE
• S2-150314 P-CR Changes to content of Connectivity Info for UE-to-Network Relay
Discovery ITRI
• S2-150126 P-CR APN information in ProSe UE-NW Relay discovery Qualcomm
• S2-150344 P-CR ProSe UE-to-NW relay based on one-to-many ProSe communication
• S2-150360 P-CR Correction to terminology in ECGI announcement from UE-Network
relay Vodafone
• S2-150197 P-CR Clarification on TMGI Refresh Timer InterDigital
Other general enhancements
• Session Continuity (To decide how to proceed)
• S2-150091 P-CR Prose New Interface ProSe Function to MME Ericsson
• S2-150092 P-CR Prose Session Continuity Ericsson, Qualcomm Inc.
• S2-150377 P-CR Interim conclusion on service continuity Intel
Restricted baseline
• Baseline open issues (merge possible)
• S2-150122 P-CR Closing open issues regarding ProSe Discovery UE ID for
restricted discovery Qualcomm Incorporated, Huawei, HiSilicon, CATT
• S2-150154 P-CR Terminology and definition update Telecom Italia, Qualcomm
• S2-150119 P-CR Conclusions on Restricted Discovery basic operations
Qualcomm Incorporated, Telecom Italia, Huawei
UE-UE Relay
• Possible merges.
• S2-150249 P-CR Forwarding of ProSe Group Communications by Stateless
ProSe UE-UE Relay LG Electronics
• S2-150374 P-CR Solution for ProSe UE-to-UE Relay (stateless forwarding) Intel
Other restricted discovery enhancements
• App-controlled (merge possible)
• S2-150115 P-CR Restricted Discovery with application-controlled extension
Qualcomm Incorporated
• S2-150276 P-CR ProSe discovery with application controlled extension
Huawei, HiSilicon
• Triggered announcements/on demand discovery (merge possible)
• S2-150258 P-CR Enhanced Restricted ProSe Direct Discovery Ericsson
• S2-150281 P-CR Restricted Discovery with on demand announcing Huawei,
• Partial matching
• S2-150117 P-CR Restricted Discovery with partial matching Qualcomm
Open Disc Enhancements
• Revocation and updates (merge possible)
• S2-150120 P-CR New procedures for Open Direct Discovery Qualcomm
Incorporated, Telecom Italia
• S2-150144 P-CR Proposal of supporting revocation feature for the Open Direct
Discovery HTC
• S2-150250 P-CR ProSe Application Code with valid location for
announcing in open ProSe direct discovery LG Electronics
• Meta-data
• S2-150116 P-CR Metadata upload for Open and Restricted Discovery
Qualcomm Incorporated
Restricted Discovery Authorisation
• S2-150118 P-CR Enhancement for ProSe service authorization and
provisioning for restricted direct discovery Qualcomm Incorporated,
Huawei, CATT
• Authorization update/revocation (Merge possible)
• S2-150155 P-CR Restricted Discovery Authorization Update Telecom Italia,
Qualcomm Incorporated
• S2-150196 P-CR Revocation of Restricted Discovery Permission over PC2 InterDigital
• S2-150278 P-CR Restricted Direct Discovery Update Procedure triggered over PC 2
Huawei, HiSilicon
• S2-150277 P-CR Restricted Direct Discovery Update Procedure triggered over PC 1
Huawei, HiSilicon
• Huawei needs to decide which one to take, i.e. 278 or 277?
Model B Discovery
• Model B procedures (merge possible)
• S2-150121 P-CR Resolve open issues for Model B discovery Qualcomm
• S2-150057 P-CR Correction on Discoverer UE procedure for Model B ZTE
• Remove allocation of Disc. Filter from Discoverer procedure
• S2-150143 P-CR Resolve FFS for the Restricted Direct Discovery for Model B in
clause 5.2 HTC
• Adds discovery model in procedures
• S2-150298 P-CR Update of model B direct discovery procedure CATT
• Adds validity timer in Discoverer/Discoveree procedures
One-to-one Comm
• S2-150132 P-CR Enhancement for ProSe service authorization and
provisioning for one-to-one communication Qualcomm Incorporated
• S2-150280 P-CR Considerations on ProSe Direct Communication
packet filter Huawei, HiSilicon
• S2-150315 P-CR Layer-2 ID Uniqueness for One-to-One Direct
Communication ITRI
• S2-150343 P-CR one-to-one communication based on one-to-many
ProSe communication Samsung
• S2-150375 P-CR Protocol stack for a PC5 Signalling Protocol Intel