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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Pre-Assessment Quiz
Please put your name, date, and period on the top right corner of your paper and
number it 1 – 10. Please select the correct letter as your answer.
Huck’s attitude toward being “civilized” by Widow
Douglas and Ms. Watson at the beginning of the novel
can be best described as…
A. Enthusiastic and eager.
B. Frustrated and enraged.
C. Distraught and depressed.
D. Sarcastic and stifled.
E. Naïve and confused.
In chapter 4, Jim uses which word as a euphemism for
the White slave owners.
A. Masters
B. Bosses
C. Ghosts
D. Witches
E. Demons
In chapter 7, Twain’s use of asyndeton in the following
sentence is used for what purpose: “…I took an old sack and
put a lot of big rocks in it, -all I could drag –and I started it from
the pig and dragged it to the door and through the woods down to
the river and dumped it in, and down it sunk, out of sight”
a) Demonstrate Huck is illiterate.
b) Exemplify Huck’s street smarts, or ability to read and
make the most of his surroundings.
c) Add tension to the moment.
d) Give the reader a sense of imagery.
e) Advise teenagers how to escape from their rooms when
they are grounded.
In chapter 11, which of the following foibles best
demonstrates Huck’s immaturity:
A. Talking in a fake British accent.
B. Pretending to be Pap.
C. Disguising himself as a girl.
D. Mistakenly calling himself Sarah and Mary
E. Failing to knead a thread through a needle.
Twain’s inclusion of Emmeline Grangerford’s poetry in
chapter 17 is an example of:
A. Parody
B. Farce
C. Burlesque
D. Horatian Satire
E. Juvenalian Satire
The “Royal Nonesuch” in chapter 21 is an example of a:
A. Farce
B. Caricature
C. Burlesque
D. Parody
E. Dramatic Irony
In the last paragraph of chapter 21 Huck says: “Well, by-andby somebody said Sherburn ought to be lynched. In about a minute
everybody was saying it; so away they went, mad and yelling, and
snatching down every clothes-line they come to, to do with the
hanging.” This is an example of which logical fallacy:
A. Red Herring
B. Begging the Question
C. Post Hoc
D. Ad Hoc
E. Ad Hominem
Throughout the novel Huck frequently uses the phrases
“made me feel pretty bad,” “I felt so lonesome,” “I wish
I was dead.” These phrases serve to…
A. Demonstrate Huck’s depression.
B. Model Twain’s use of verbal irony.
C. Indicates when Huck feels regret.
D. Foreshadows what will happen at the end of the
E. Realistically depicts the Blues music of the Southern
United States.
In chapter 31 Huck says “And for a starter, I would go to
work and steal Jim out of slavery again; and if I could think
anything worse, I would do that, too; because as long as I was
in, and in for good, I might as well go the whole hog.” This
is an example of which type of sentence:
A. Periodic Sentence
B. Cumulative Sentence
C. Declarative Sentence
D. Inverted Sentence
E. Hortative Sentence
In chapter 32, when Aunt Sally asks Huck if anyone
was injured in a ferry accident Huck responds, No’m.
Killed a nigger.” This is an example of:
A. Situational Irony
B. Verbal Irony
C. Dramatic Irony
D. Double Entendre
E. Malapropism
– D (Sarcastic and Stifled)
- D (Witches)
- B (Huck’s street smarts)
- D (Mistakenly called himself Sarah and Mary Williams)
- A (Parody)
- C (Burlesque)
- E (Ad Hominem)
- C (Huck’s regret)
- A (Periodic Sentence)
- B (Verbal Irony)