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GPS system for fleet management,
employees management, security and
Target groups
 Company car? = potential client
Transport and
Taxi companies
Scavenging and
disposal of waste
Rent a car
Fuel tanks
Animal carrying
Main advantages of fleet management:
 Enhances the quality of services offered to the client – Dramatically
improved fleet management.
 Reduces the costs – no more “black routes”; unnecessary long routes and
speeding. Results: lower fuel consumption, less maintenance costs.
 Increasing productivity– controlling the quality of the work, working
hours and loyalty of the drivers.
 Better planning – knows exactly what can be expected of each car and
driver, which is leading to optimize the working process so as to make
more work for fixed hours.
 Security increasing–reducing the risk of speeding, anti-theft and easily
stolen car recovered, immediately received signal at the onset of the driver
in trouble or danger.
Working principle
Secured channel for transmission
GPS signal
Web based
Good investment!
 It is no longer a luxury service
Most companies still doesn't know! The cost of GPRS traffic and GPSGPRS equipment fell significantly.
 Quick return on investment
Experience shows that after implementation of the GPS system, a
dramatically drop fuel consumption especially of large trucks with tanks
over 200L. In some cases savings have been found between 100 and 400
liters per month compared to the periods before implement the system.
100 l. * 2.65 lv. = 265 lv. without VAT–
This is almost value of one FM11 without VAT /the price
of FM11 is 200 lv. without VAT/
 Control over work time
As a result of integrating the GPS system – work time control increases
during working hours.
Fleet Management 1 or Fleet Management 5?
Base monitoring parameters of the
two devices
- Engine status – on
or off
- Open door
- Fuel tank cap
- Monitoring fuel
- Drivers
- Engine
- Open door
- Fuel tank cap
- Fuel level
- Driver
- Various sensors
- Can BUS
Web based software
 Current position of one, group or
all objects
 Tracking positions;
 Date and time of position;
 Speed and direction of movement;
 Stops;
 Engine monitoring;
 Mileage in kilometers by GPS and
vehicle odometer;
 Traveled distance;
 Work reports
Web based software
 Fuel tank cap control
 Driver identification;
 SOS button;
 Ability to add additional points
and areas on the map;
 Event notifications;
 Compilation, review and print
reports for work time, stops and
stay, a list of visited places,
mileages for selected time
interval, fuel, etc.
 Other reports according various
Personal tracker main advantages
 Determines the current geographical location and transmit navigation data,
coordinates, time, date, speed, direction of movement;
 Sends the alarm signal;
 Works in real time;
 Possibility to call 5 predetermined programmed numbers;
 Configuring the device through SMS or PC;
 Protection of property;
 Real-time monitoring over the Internet;
 SMS notification of low battery;
 USB GSM Modem function.
Benefits of implementing a personal tracking device
Increasing efficiency of work of your employees;
Increasing labor discipline;
Enhancement of services;
Analysis of the routes from the first to the last point;
Exact time anywhere in the according traveled route;
Increase satisfaction of your clients;
Improving company's image.
Good to know!
 Each client has a different vision for the functions that have to be
performed by the “GPS system for fleet managing”. Therefore, our
goal is to understand all the requirements and accordingly offer a
specific solution for each of them.
 We will make the best offer easily when before we start the
presentation of the product, ask the customer for his specific
requirements. Once we understand his problems, we can easily focus
on solving them.
Case studies
Yambol Municipality
 51 public transport vehicles
 24 administration cars
We created an intelligent solution for control of public transportation for one of
the largest municipalities of Bulgaria (Yambol). With the GPS-system, and in
particular the “Geo fence”-function, which assures vehicles remain in their
zones of operation, the buses now operate on a precise schedule, routes and stop
at all bus-stops.
Consortium Titan
 130 vehicles in Sofia
 60 vehicles in Kardzhali and the region
We developed a solution for the Consortium Titan (the company operates in almost all
big district cities in BG and in 65% from the territory of the capital Sofia) by which they
are able to monitor in real-time the positions of Refuse-collection containers, oars and
sprinklers of snow-ploughs. The successful implementation of the system that sends data
from GPS –terminals of “Titan” to the server of metropolitan inspectorate, allows the
government bodies to monitor every single machine which cleans the city.
Case studies
Siemens Bulgaria
 74 vehicles
Due to our GPS system, Siemens Bulgaria has the ability to monitor and
control its huge fleet.
Focus Nunti Ltd– news agency
 13 vehicles
 13 personal devices
In addition to the control system offered their fleet and personal tracking device
manually, thereby quickly and easily determine the location of each of the journalistic
team and ensures that they are always in the right place at the right time.
Simid AiD– manufacturer of bakery products
 9 vehicles
Their main problem is in control of drivers who are eternally justified delays traffic in
the city. In this case it was sufficient to demonstrate a small part of the functionality of
the software, namely monitoring in real time and archived traffic. We used FM11, as it
is very affordable and completely satisfy the customer as parameters for monitoring.
Case studies
Pain D'or Ltd.- manufacturer of bakery products
 10 vehicles
They had a problem with fuel and correct operation of the refrigerators. In this case we
demonstrate graphics and tabled reports for the fuel , temperature and fuel tank open
cap sensors. That was absolutely enough to move towards the integration of the system.
Agricultural cooperation “Rodopi”
 10 vehicles
Before the installation of the GPS system they had a problem with theft of fuel from the
tanks of agricultural machinery. After connecting the GPS devices to the vehicles fuel
tanks, thefts stopped.
And many others who have trusted us and later optimize their costs!
Step one
Presentation of
the product, its
features and
benefits for you.
Step two
Signing a
contract to
provide service
Step three
providing and
staff training.
Thank you for your time!
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