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Strengthen your practice with
Radiant Lipolysis
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• Anthony DiCesaro, DC
o In practice for 16 years
o Currently Operates 2 offices in PA
o Owned and operated 10 offices in 6 states
o Utilizing laser and light treatments for 12+ years
o Extensive knowledge of red light technology
• Services Offered-Multi-faceted Approach
o Chiropractic Care
o Pain Laser Treatment
o Massage Therapy
o Physical Therapy
oSlenderRay™ Radiant Lipolysis
o i-lipo Ultra Cellulite Reduction
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What is Radiant Lipolysis?
•Radiant Lipolysis is the evacuation of adipose contents
via photonic emission.
•Amount of evacuation is proportionate to the amount
of photonic pressure until biological limits are reached.
•All machine’s on the market are based on the same
•More Light=More Loss.
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Things to consider before purchasing
•Treatment Time/Exposures per visit
•Staff involvement
•Quality and Service
•Wavelength and Lux Output
•Lease vs Own
•Marketing Plan/Materials
•Return on Investment
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Treatment Time/Staff Involved
•Exposure Times
•Number of Exposures/Session
•Staff solely dedicated to treatments
•Monitor treatment duration
•Technician assisted treatment
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Quality and Service
• Country the machine is made
• Materials Used
• Mobility
• Warranty
• Service Agreement
• Machine Exchange
• Downtime w/o machine
• Maintenance
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Result Expectations
• Inch Loss Expectations
•Measurement Protocols
•Bottom Line-Manage the clients expectations
•In addition to the technology
•Caloric intake
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Wavelength and Lux Delivery
• Wavelength
• 635 nanometer is the optimum wavelength
• Lesser machines use up to 660 nanometer
• High Lux Delivery
•Lux is a ratio of illumination over distance
•Average lux range of the sun is 40,000lx to
120,000lx, the moon delivers 1lx.
• Higher lux delivery=greater potential inch loss
•Machines on the market range 40lx to over 300lx
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• Is training included?
•What type of training?
•Machine Set Up
•Machine/Body Placements
•Client Experience/Consultation
•Practice Integration
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Practice Integration
• Computer Controlled
• Allows for wired or wireless control
• Track other practice activities
• Minimizes paperwork
• Visual progress record
• Allows for updating parameters
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Lease vs Own
•Protected Territories
•Technology Updates
•Maintenance /Replacement Agreement
•Unprotected Territories
•1 year warranty-costly extended maintenance
(if offered at all)
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• Marketing Plan
•Build Brand Awareness
•Cross Marketing
•Traditional Media Outlets
•Social Media
•Digital Advertising
•Deal Websites
• Marketing Materials
• Consulting/Coaching Services
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Cost of Machines
Current machine’s on the market range anywhere from
Return on Investment(ROI)
Earnings – Cost
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