The Big Test Review

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Which type of stretching would fit well
into a warm-up to improve flexibility and
continue warming up large muscle
Training Principles, such as overload are
used for all the following Purposes
List 2 benefits of walking an extra 60
minutes per day
Developing the five components of healthrelated fitness can improve a person’s
health, performance and appearance.
Explain two ways health, performance and
appearance can be improved?
Maintaining a healthy relationship between
fat mass and fat-free mass is essential to a
person’s health. Which of the following body
fat percentages are considered healthy for
both males and females?
Explain how two people can perform the
same activity at the same pace but feel
different levels of intensity during the activity.
Provide and example activity that
demonstrates this difference.
 Intensity level:
 Example:
Drew enjoys weight lifting and running but
rarely focuses on flexibility. Use the FITT
Principal to develop a flexibility plan for
Fred is working to improve the health of his
heart and lungs. When Creating his FITT
plan, which principle of training is used when
determining type of activity?
Fill in the chart below listing the minimum
recommendations for a FITT plan for
cardiorespiratory Endurance
 Component of Fitness
 Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Victoria quit the soccer team, which decreased
the amount of physical activity she gets each
day but has kept her eating habits the same.
Over time how can Victoria expect her body to
Thomas has a lot of homework, is on the
debate team and also works part-time. He
knows that having too much stress and too little
sleep will negatively affect his body. Name two
physical effects of not getting enough sleep and
two ways Thomas can improve his sleep
Physical effect of too little sleep:
Another Physical effect of too little sleep:
Way to improve sleep habit:
Another way to improve sleep habit:
For positive changes to occur as the
result of training, the body must adapt to
an increased demand in how many of
the FITT principles?
Fad diets can result in poor nutritional
consequences. Which of the following is
NOT true regarding fad diets?
Choose two of the exercises below, then
name or describe a daily activity or
movement that uses the same
movement as the chosen exercise.
Matching Daily activity
Bicep curl
Chest press
Calf raise
Medicine ball over/under
Lateral raise
Front squat
Functional training can be defined as:
Karen just graduated from college. She studies
for hours after class every day and ate poorly
between study sessions, often eating fast food
twice a day. The only exercise Karen got was
walking to and from her classes. As a result, her
body became deconditioned. Now that she has
finished her studies Karen would like to focus on
her health. List 4 changes Karen can make to
improve her health
1. nutritional change #1
2. nutritional change #2
3. Fitness change #1
4. Fitness change #2
The pelvis and femur connect with what
type of joint?
Which of the following is NOT a sign of a
person having an eating disorder ?
Water is essential to the body. Which is
NOT a function of water in the body?
Within his muscular strength training program,
Josh has found that he can easily complete 10
repetitions of squats using 100 pounds. What
principle of training can Josh use to improve
muscular strength? Describe how this training
principle will be implemented into Josh’s fitness
plan for improving muscular strength.
Training principle
List three issues or injuries that occur
around a joint and can affect range of
motion and performance. Then,
describe the four-part process to reduce
pain and swelling and assist healing
after an injury
 Three joint issues:
To reduce pain and swelling and assist
Henry has just completed his pre-fitness
measurements to get a baseline
measurement of his fitness. Choose the
correct order of steps Henry should take
Of the following activities, choose the
group that would best improve muscular
By improving her cardiorespiratory
endurance, Katie can reduce her risk of
developing all of the following health
problems EXCEPT:
Keisha and Sarah both have a goal of
being on the cheerleading team. Keisha
is a cross-country runner and Sarah is
on the debate team. Which action
would benefit the girls the most?
Maintaining health and fitness will result
in all the following long-term health
benefits EXEPT:
When improving flexibility, what body
parts are stretch?
Parker is gathering information to help him
set fitness goals for the semester. Of the
information listed below, which would help
Parker the most in goal setting his goals?
The body is made up of what
percentage of water?
The best way to improve flexibility is to