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Policy Management for
Microsoft® System Center
Policy Management - ISV Partner Alliance Value
Viewfinity controls end user and privileged user rights for applications and systems
which require elevated permissions (Microsoft Windows endpoints and servers).
Elevate or reduce privileges for applications, block applications, compliance and
audit reporting, support remote workforce environment.
Viewfinity provides enterprises with the solutions needed to manage and execute
an end-to-end automated and non-disruptive move to a least privileges
environment and provide privilege management and application control for
desktops, laptops and servers. Privilege management is the practice of enforcing
consistent policies for least privilege Windows-based environments based on
segregation of duties.
Viewfinity is a snap-in to GPO, integrating with System Center Configuration
Manager to provide extended visibility into privilege management policy usage
status & information regarding privilege requests from clients. Policy events such
as policy usage, insufficient privileges to install applications or ActiveX, etc. are
collected allowing customers to track and manage privilege policies.
Based on the number of desktops, laptops or servers being managed. Pricing starts at:
$20 per desktop/laptop per annual SaaS-based subscription (Support & Maintenance
$40 per desktop/laptop for a perpetual license (plus Support & Maintenance is 25%
of List Pricing for 7X24)
$100 per server for an annual SaaS license
$200 per Server for a perpetual license (plus 24X7 Support & Maintenance being
25% of List Price)
Volume discounts applying for either type of licensing model.
Support Type
Self-Help (web, forums)
Assisted: Web/mail
Assisted: Phone
Assisted: On-Site
[email protected]
No Cost
W/ Maintenance
W/ Maintenance
$2000 per day
9AM-5PM or 24X7
9AM-5PM or 24X7
Policy - ISV Partner Alliance Value
Operations Guides
Viewfinity Privilege Management 3.8 Quick Start Guide
Viewfinity Privilege Management 3.8 Operations Guide
Product & Feature Demo Clips
Free Local Admin Discovery tool
The Viewfinity Local Admin Discovery is a free tool that
allows you to discover user accounts and groups that are
members of the local “Administrators” built-in user group on
computers in your Windows domain.
Policy - ISV Partner Alliance Value
The agent can be deployed using any of the three options listed below:
Automated discovery of assets and agent deployment.
Select this option if your computers are protected by a personal firewall. First,
the agent will automatically discover additional computers. Next, simply select
the computers you wish to push the agent to.
Manually install or install using a 3rd party software deployment tool.
The Viewfinity agent can be installed through a MSI package or SCCM for manual
Email Agent Installation Package Link.
This method sends an email containing a direct link to the Viewfinity agent
installation files.
How to install the Viewfinity Agent
Installing the Viewfinity Agent demo clip
Policy - ISV Partner Alliance Value
Case Studies
Movado Group Locks Down Endpoints and Adheres to Least Privilege Compliance Regulations Using
Viewfinity Privilege Management
Douglas County Adheres to FDCC Best Practices for Endpoint Security with Viewfinity Privilege
Movado Group turned to Viewfinity for a privilege management solution for end points on which
user privileges are being managed. Viewfinity provided a flexible, granular ability to pick and choose the
appropriate controls and policies based on user needs, whether operating from desktops, laptops, and/or
remote endpoints.
Douglas County implemented Viewfinity Privilege Management to better secure their endpoints in
a least privilege environment to adhere to FDCC compliances . Viewfinity allowed IT to lockdown PCs and to
elevate privileges at the application level without sacrificing security , end user productivity and without
exhausting IT resources.
Movado’s IT group was challenged with a daily influx of support calls to the IT Help Desk on
ranging from adware/spyware, toolbars being installed that came with pop-ups, the changing of system
settings that caused performance degradation and in some cases the total failure of applications and more.
To eliminate these errors and to better secure its endpoints, Movado Group removed administrator rights as a
whole. In doing so, they were faced with situations where employees needed administrator rights to install
and/or execute certain applications and certain system functions. Thus, employees had to wait for IT support
to make a desk-side visit to fix the problem, which negatively impacted productivity, was costly and time
consuming. The IT group knew locking down its endpoints was the right thing to do, but they needed the
ability to manage and control the desktop environment more efficiently.
Douglas County removed administrator rights from local end users but then the IT group faced
many desktop management challenges such as software deployments and upgrades requiring administrator
rights to complete installations on endpoints. Douglas County needed a method to complete the software
deployments and upgrades without having to grant full administrator rights.
Movado is committed to adhering to the best practice of operating a least privileges environment
and Viewfinity allows them to do this without disrupting user productivity. Policies and permissions are now
controlled from a centralized standpoint, which has eliminated the high volume of support calls.
The savings on time and cost is unquestionable. The significant decline in IT support calls speaks
volumes on its own. Within a month of rolling out Viewfinity, there has been a complete eradication of
nuisance calls.
“Realistically, Viewfinity Privilege Management does what it says it will do and strips
privileges but allows for a flexible way to manage them,” said Steve. “Rolling out Viewfinity helped to control
unproductive downtime and predict potential problem areas.”
Steve Welgoss, Desktop Services Manager
Douglas County is complying with FDCC best practices with the implementation of Viewfinity
Privilege Management. The IT group has been able to silently deploy upgrades with privileges elevated at
the application level so that the installation can be completed. Expirations were set on the privileges,
allowing enough time for all end user activations to take place. Douglas County has been able to leverage all
of the Viewfinity features and has a balanced management of their IT environment.
Douglas County continues to save significant time and money on administrative tasks and made a
lot of productivity gains. The ROI on this product is over 250% for Douglas County Libraries and counting.
“A typical upgrade translates to $18,000 in costs due to the temporary augmenting of the IT
team to accommodate what use to be manual upgrades. With Viewfinity, this was no longer needed and since
implementing Viewfinity, there have been 10 total upgrades which equal a savings of $180,000. This speaks
volumes for the decision to use Viewfinity. - Monique Sendze, Associate Director of Information Technology