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IBLCE Certification Exam Application Tutorial
For new exam candidates applying to sit for the 2015 exam
Thank you for submitting your IBLCE certification/recertification application.
Your application has been randomly selected for audit.
As explained in the Candidate Information Guide and the Recertification Guide, you are required to
provide documentation that supports the information you reported on your application.
Exam applicants, please provide the following documentation within 10 business days by using
the link to Upload Supporting Documents form provided below. The FAQ section in the left-hand
navigation screen may also have answers to questions you have about supporting documentation.
Proof of meeting the Health Sciences Education requirement in the way that you reported on
your application form
Proof of meeting the Lactation-Specific Education requirement in the way that you reported
on your application form
Proof of meeting the Lactation Specific Clinical hours by completing the Lactation Specific
Clinical Practice Calculator. Here is the link: http://iblce.org/resources/iblce-documents/
IBCLCs recertifying by CERPs, please provide the following documentation within 10 business
days by using the link to the Upload Supporting Documents form provided below. Please refer to
the Recertification Guide and the Individual CERPs Guide for more information about the supporting
documentation requirements.
Proof of completion of the educational activities reported on your CERPs Information form
Upload Supporting Documents
If you are not able to upload the supporting documentation, please click on the Contact Customer
Service link and request assistance from IBLCE staff, using "Problems Uploading Documents" in the
subject line. Keep in mind that you are responsible for ensuring that the required
documentation is received in the IBLCE office within 10 business days of completing your
application to include payment.
You have been accepted to take the IBCLC certification examination.
As soon as CBT centre appointment registration is available, you will be notified via email. This
information cannot be provided to you prior to registration opening. In addition, scheduling an
appointment will be based on the availability of seats at your preferred location.
The majority of exam candidates will take the exam at a computer-based testing (CBT) centre. There
are some locations around the world where there are not sufficient CBT centres to accommodate
IBLCE exam candidates. In those cases, IBLCE will provide paper and pencil exam sites.
With regard to paper and pencil exam sites, location information will be sent to candidates several
weeks prior to the examination date.
Dates for the exam administration can be found on the Key Dates page of the IBLCE website.
Please note: Contacting IBLCE staff about exam site locations or CBT appointments and test
centre locations will not give you any additional information than is already available to you on the
IBLCE website. Checking the Certify/Application Information page of the IBLCE website will provide
you with the most current information about CBT centre appointments and locations and/or paper
and pencil locations.
Contact IBLCE
IBLCE in the Americas & Israel
6402 Arlington Boulevard, Suite
Falls Church, VA 22042
Phone: 703-560-7330
Fax: 703-560-7332
IBLCE in Europe, The Middle East &
North Africa
Theresiengasse 5/1/30
2500 Baden
Phone: +43 (0) 2252 20 65 95 (Within Austria)
or +43 2252 20 65 95 (outside Austria)
Fax: +43 2252 20 64 87
IBLCE in Asia Pacific & Africa
PO Box 1533
Oxenford, Queensland 4210
Phone: 07 5529 8811 (within Australia)
or +61 7 5529 8811 (outside Australia)
Fax: 07 5529 8922 (within Australia)
or +61 7 5529 8922 (outside Australia)