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EMT Classes
• Ginny Renkiewicz: Head of Program
[email protected]
• Sara Houston: Clinical coordinator
• EMT (Basic)
• Paramedic
• Prepares students for both NC EMS, as well as
National Registry of Emergency Medical
Technician (NREMT)
• “The mission of the NC State University
Emergency Medicine program is to produce
confident, competent, entry-level EMS providers
by upholding the leading evidence-based
practices and by inspiring our students to
excellence in patient care through quality
education. Additionally, the Emergency Medicine
program will serve the state of North Carolina
and beyond as a leader in the Emergency
Medicine profession and by fostering a passion
and involvement for prehospital research.”
EMT (Basic)
• HESE 300 & HESE 351 (Clinical)
• 48 clinical hours
• “initial skills and tools necessary for patient
• HESE 301 & HESE 352 (Clinical)
• 132 clinical hours
• “more invasive procedures and patient
management techniques”
• Paramedic Certification classes begin in the
summer, and consist of 3 whole semesters,
involving 10 separate classes.
• 500 clinical hours minimum
• “advanced cardiology, patient assessment,
and pharmacological techniques”
Other Information
• Covered for liability by the school
• FISDAP documentation, printable
• Learn to document medical cases, use
• Have a significant understanding and
comprehension of medication and their
effects on the body
• Excellent patient interaction!
More Information
• Ems.dasa.ncsu.edu
• http://www.ncems.org/nccepstandards.html
Click on “Standards for EMS Medications and
Skills Use” for Scopes of Practice