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Transcript Ar-NGNA Poster - National Gerontological Nursing

Connecting Nurses Trusted to Care for Older Arkansans:
The Arkansas Chapter of the National Gerontological Nursing Association
C.A. Enderlin, PhD, RN1, M. Harris, PhD, GNP-BC2, J.L. Rooker, MNSc, RNP 1, J. Jennings, MSN, RN, CNE 1, Kay Cox, MNSc, RN3 ,
Jo O’Guinn, MSN, APN, GNP-BC, RN4 , T. Lofton, MSN, RN 1 , P.S. Ragsdale, MSN, APRN-BC 1 , D. Gordon, MSN, RN, CNE 5
College of Nursing, 2Harding University Carr College of Nursing, 3Russellville Tech University Department of Nursing, 4Ouchita Country Medical Center, 5 Central Arkansas Veterans’ Healthcare System
•Establishment of a State Chapter.
•Implementation of a yearly education conference and quarterly
educational meetings.
•Partnering with other entities interested in promoting the health
of older Arkansans – UAMS Hospital., VAHCS, AGS, LRONN
•14.3% of Arkansans were 65 years or older in 2009, exceeding the
national average of 12.9%.
•Arkansas' population grew by more than 9 percent between 2000
and 2010, from 2,673,400 in 2000 to 2,915,918 and an estimated
374,019 older adults resided in Arkansas in 2009.
•In 2010, there were approximately 2,400 nurse practitioners,
32,000 registered nurses and 16,000 licensed practical nurses
practicing in Arkansas.
•In 2012, nearly 10,000 Americans will turn 65 daily.
•Arkansas nurses must be prepared to care for older adults,
although many did not receive geriatric training.
Ar-NGNA Purpose
To promote quality care for the older
adult by enhancing the professionalism of
the gerontological healthcare worker
through collaboration and education.
There is a critical need for a professional geriatric nursing
organization in Arkansas.
To describe the Arkansas Chapter of the National Gerontological
Nursing Association: its purpose , goals and accomplishments of
the first year.
•2010 Fall Conference: End of Life Nursing Course - Little Rock.
•Non-pharmacological Interventions for Depression and Insomnia
and Older Adults – Russellville.
•AGS: Healthcare Reform; Adaptive Devices – Sherwood.
•Prevention, Detection and Treatment of UTIs in Older Adults –
•Medication Reconciliation -Searcy.
•2011 Fall Conference commemorating Arkansas Gerontological
Nurses Week: Promoting Medication Safety in Older Adults - Little
Total combined attendance: appx. 407 nurses, students & others
Provide a forum.
Conduct educational programs.
Disseminate information and research.
Advocate for legislative activities.
Support professional development.
American Nurses Association (2010). Scope and standards of
gerontological nursing practice . Silver Spring, MD: Author.
Arkansas Gerontological Society
Hartford, Institute for Geriatric Nursing.
National Gerontological Nursing Association.