Active Shooter

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USFA Report:
“A National Perspective”
September 13, 2013
Ernest Mitchell
United States Fire Administrator
Maximizing Survival
 Coordinated and Integrated Planning
 Preparation
 Response
 Treatment
 Care
The Hartford Consensus
Integrated Response
 Fire/Rescue/EMS and Law Enforcement
Critical Actions - THREAT
T - Threat suppression
H - Hemorrhage control
RE - Rapid Extrication to safety
A - Assessment by medical providers
T - Transport to definitive care
 Develop Local Protocols
 Plan for and Practice Rapid Treatment
and Evacuation
 NIMS and ICS
 Plan and Train Together
 Tabletop and Field Exercises
 Common Communications Terminology
 Incorporate Tactical Emergency Casualty
Care (TECC) into Planning and Training
 Provide Appropriate Protective Gear
 Consider Fire Hazards Secondary
 Consider Secondary Devices
 Transportation and Communications
Whole Community
 Public
 Fire/EMS
 Law Enforcement
 Medical Transportation
 Medical Treatment Facilities
General AS/MCI Operational Principles
1. Incident Command System (ICS)
2. Unified Command
3. Plan for Treatment of Casualties
4. Media/Public Information Office (PIO)
5. Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
Integrated Response
 Shared definitions of terms used in mass
shooting events
 Jointly developed local protocols for
responding to active shooter events
 Inclusion of active shooter events in
table-top and field exercises to improve
familiarity with jointly developed