VIA Panels in Revit

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Transcript VIA Panels in Revit

Modeling Guide
For Revit Families
V.I.A. Panels utilize The Curtain Wall tools of Revit
The panels are defined as Curtain Panel Families
Intention of the families is to create layouts at once with nested
families instead of arranging frames, junctions and skins individually.
Only a small set of rules (sizes, constraints) are integrated
V.I.A Panels in Revit l Step 1
Use the
Wall tool and add a Curtain Wall familiy. Note that the
V.I.A. overview project contains additional curtain wall types with
preset grid divisions
If required, flip the
curtain wall. This
symbol should be
located at the
interior side .
V.I.A Panels in Revit l Step 2
Use the
Curtain Grid tool and add horizontal and vertical grid lines
to the curtain wall.
For Utility Panels defined as
curtain panels,
create a grid distance of 4.06.
V.I.A Panels in Revit l Step 3
TAB-click and change a System Panel to a V.I.A. panel type in the
Type Selector.
V.I.A Panels in Revit l Step 4
Use the SPACE key to change the orientation of the door
Set the properties in the Properties dialog
Doors can be displayed open or
closed for 3D and elevation
views. 2 hardwire types are
V.I.A Panels in Revit l Step 5
Solid panels can have different skin arrangements for the interior and
exterior side
Check „Ceiling Track“ for top panels
Check „Floor Track“ for bottom panels
Uncheck both properties for intermediate panels
V.I.A Panels in Revit l Step 6
Assign the junctions for each side of the curtain wall
Set the Curtain Wall Height property, if the junction spans over the
curtain grid dimensions
V.I.A Panels in Revit l Step 7
Alternatively, you can use the Furniture Systems family „Steelcase
V.I.A. - Junctions – Junction.rfa“ to place the junctions individually.
V.I.A Panels in Revit l Step 8
Continue the next run with a curtain wall
Use the
Align Tool to connect the curtain wall in plan view to the
existing wall. Use the Alignment Helper Lines to align.
You can switch of the Alignment Helper in The Properties for indiviual
panels or under Object Styles/Furniture category
Alignment Helper Lines
V.I.A Panels in Revit l Step 9
Continue to define the skins as described in step 5
Note the Mini End Extension property for Small, Medium and Large
V.I.A families overview
Individual skin divisions for interior and exterior
Solid Panel
Individual skin divisions for interior and exterior
Solid Panel w Junctions
Integrated junctions and ends
V.I.A families overview
Utility Panel
Need a fixed grid distance of 4.06‘‘W.
Glass Panel
Glass can be set for both sides
Segmented Glass Panel
3 horizontal divisions
To place junctions individually.
V.I.A families overview
Eno Projector Shroud
Fixed dimensions:
Projector Position (for 96‘‘Width):
Eno Markerboard
Fixed dimensions
Single Monitor Shroud
Fixed dimensions:
for screen
Double Monitor Shroud
Fixed dimensions:
V.I.A families overview
Slatwall Panel
Fixed Height dimensions:
Solid Panel w Single Monitor
Fixed Monitor dimensions:
Solid Panel w Double Monitor
Fixed Monitor dimensions:
Variable Monitor Position: