iESM Working Group - the international ESM Handbook

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Transcript iESM Working Group - the international ESM Handbook

Engineering Safety Management
The iESM Working Group
Dr Rob Davis
Technical Program Delivery
[email protected]
© TPD 2013
TPD Ethos
• Excellent people, with shared values making a difference
• Strong Programme and Project management - using sound
PM applications, processes & tools
• Effective Systems Engineering and Integration processes using a human centric approach
• Striving to do things technically right and safely
• Knowing how to manage engineering complexity
• Experienced teams with:
– Personal integrity
– Positive approach
iESM - Who is producing it?
• Dr Rob Davis – the originator of the riskbased safety engineering process in rail as
part of the BR NSE quality system later
published as “Yellow Book”. Established
Yellow Book and the YB Steering Group
(YBSG) and now chair of iESM WG.
• Paul Cheeseman – part of the BR team and
the last chair of YBSG.
• Bruce Elliot – editor of the Yellow Book
content throughout 1991 -2007 and iESM
© TPD 2013
Guidance Development
• Drafting by TPD as part of its R&D Program
– Experience from EN5012x Standards
– UK Yellow Book
– System Assessment Acceptance & ISA
Mainland Europe
• Review by iESM Working Group
• To assist the international railway industry in
delivering acceptable levels of safety by
developing & sharing good practice in railway
Engineering Safety Management Worldwide
© TPD 2012
iESM supporters Worldwide
© TPD 2012
iESM Working Group
• Act as authority for iESM and
develop/support the creation of
associated supporting materials);
• Facilitate the efficient and effective
application of iESM;
• Promote and facilitate the exchange
of ideas for good practice that are
found in the world railway community
and other relevant industries;
• Sponsored by MTR Corporation,
Hong Kong.
© TPD 2012
iESM WG Members
• Recognised as having significant standing
within the industry on matters relating to the
management of safety,
• Available and commit to the work of the
Working Group; and,
• Provide a professional contribution to Working
Group activities based on their skills and
1st Meeting - London
2nd Meeting – Hong Kong
iESM Working Group-1
• D Beacham
UK Bombardier Transportation Global Product
Safety Director
Dr G Bearfield
UK RSSB Safety Knowledge and Planning
S Bickley
Australia National Safety Regulator
N Bowley
UK CrossRail Signal Engineer
M Castles
UK LR Rail PH Safety
P Cheeseman
UK IESM Technical Secretary
Dr Chen Roger Lei PR China Beijing National Railway Research
and Design Institute of Signal and Communication Co. Ltd.
Dr R Davis
UK Consultancy
B Elliott
UK Consultancy
Dr KM Leung
HK Assistant Director EMSD
Dr I Lucic
LU London Underground
iESM Working Group-2
• J McDonald - Australia General Manager Risk RailCorp
¥ Prof Niu Yingming - PR China Beijing Metro Construction
Corporation/Beijing Traffic Control Technology Company
• Ng Nelson Wai Hung - HK MTG GM S&Q
• G Parris - Principal Client Engineer (Signals) at London Underground,
• J Shaw - Senior Director Engineering – Services & UK Div
• Lisa Shi - Head of Risk Management EC Harris
• G Topham - Principal Systems Assurance AtoHaul Rio Tinto Oz
• Tse Shirley Lai - System Assurance Manager, MTR
• Dr Fei Yan - Beijing Traffic Control Technology Company
• Dr Zhang Simon - LR Rail Asia Technical Director