Unit 6: Family and Friends

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Transcript Unit 6: Family and Friends

Unit 6: Family and Friends


Life with teenagers


Family members & Personality


Comparatives and Superlatives


Leaving phone messages

Living with teenagers

  Read the passage “Living with the enemy”.

Underline comparative sentences, or sentences that compare one thing or person to another.

The Middle, an American TV series featuring a family life with teenagers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS1eJU15uSU&feature=player_embedded

People in your family

      Babies Children Teenagers Young Adults - Adults Middle-Aged Elderly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmJjD33eKDU&feature=related

Character adjectives

shy bright noisy stubborn helpful moody patient honest selfish mature polite aggressive ambitious organised easy-going aggressive popular boring intelligent lazy laid-back considerate

See a table of comparatives and superlatives here: http://www.tefl.net/alexcase/worksheets/grammar/comparative-superlative games/comparative-superlative/

Do you know the comparative forms of these adjectives? What are the rules?

               Tall Large Easy Fast Noisy Busy Shy Old young light Good Bad Strict Rich moody                Difficult Boring Interesting Stressful Polite Relax Popular Ambitious Aggressive Honest Stubborn Considerate Patient Organised Creative

How to make comparatives


. as ________ as / not as _________as Tom is as smart as his brother.

Marilyn is as happy as Jane.

Having a cold is as bad as having a headache.

This room is as noisy as a restaurant.

Harry is not as stubborn as his brother.

How to make comparatives

2. adjective (+er) than Your skirt is shorter than my skirt. He is happier and lazier than his brother.

Beth is (much) easier to live with than Carol is younger than Beth.


She is busier than she was last year.

I'm (a bit) thinner than I was five years ago.

How to make comparatives

 3. more+ adjective than / less+ adjective than Carol is more difficult to live with than Beth is more mature than Carol.

Harry is more ambitious than Tom.


Beth is (much) more easy-going than Carol My life is less stressful after I left my boyfriend.

Harry is less aggressive than his friend.

When people get older, they become less cheerful.


Some adjectives change the forms: good bad better worse much (many) more little less best worst most least

  Now read the passage on page 45 and fill in the gaps with comparative adjectives.

Write 4 sentences to compare yourself and a friend. Use a lot, much, a bit, (not) as……as, and the adjectives you’ve learn so far.

For Example: I am a bit stronger than Micky.

Micky is much more patient than me.

Bill is a lot older than me.

I am not as big as Bill.

I am as honest as Micky.

Now compare your life now and your life when you were 15. Use the adjectives you’ve learned.

    Now I’m more confident than I was then.

I’m much less considerate now than I was then.

I was a bit thinner when I was 15.

My life four years ago wasn’t as stressful as it is now.

+Your appearance?

+Your personality?

+Your attitude?

+ Your school report?

Superlative Forms: What are the rules?

       The teacher is the oldest person in this room.

Eak is the moodiest person in the group.

Chao Praya is the longest river in the central Thailand.

Naresuan University is the largest university in the lower north Thailand.

Aree has the most expensive mobile phone.

Cleaning the toilet is the most disgusting housework.

Bangkok is the most crowded city in Thailand.

How to form Superlatives

One Syllable Adjectives

place 'the' before the adjective and add '-est' to end of the adjective (Note: double the final consonant if preceded by a vowel) Example: cheap - the cheapest / hot - the hottest / high - the highest Today is the hottest day of the summer. This book is the cheapest I can find.

Two, Three or More Syllable Adjectives

place 'the most' before the adjective Example: interesting - the most interesting / difficult - the most difficult London is the most expensive city in England. That is the most beautiful painting here. Two Syllable Adjectives Ending in '-y' place 'the' before the adjective and remove the 'y' from the adjective and add 'iest' Example: happy - the happiest / funny - the funniest New York is the noisiest city in the USA. He is the most important person I know.

Superlatives adjectives

Use six of these words to describe people in your family or friends in superlative forms good popular stubborn happy boring organised intelligent helpful big bright thin lazy selfish noisy considerate

Page 45-46

  Look at the photo on p. 46 and do exercises on page 47 Go to page 130-131 to review the lesson of comparatives and superlatives  More practice on Family member: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj01pRLjjNI&fea ture=fvw

Reading comprehension

 Read the passage “Family Business” and answer the questions Find the



of these adjectives in the article on patient considerate employ mature helpful honest reliable selfish happy intelligent polite ambitious friendly possible attractive correct sure organised healthy  Listen to the audio and do the exercises

Additional exercise for self-study

      http://www.eflnet.com/tutorials/adjcompsup.php

http://esl.about.com/od/intermediatelevelquizzes /a/comparative_superlative_quiz.htm

http://raud.dugal.pagesperso orange.fr/beginners/comparison/exercise%203.ht

m http://www.english zone.com/grammar/compare1.html


m http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLE5yPZa_Ow

Speaking English on the phone (p.50)

   Asking someone to wait - Hold the line please.

- Just a moment please.

Saying someone isn’t available - I’m sorry. He’s in a meeting. - I’m afraid he’s taken the afternoon leave.

- I’m sorry he’s not in the office.

Offering to take the message - Can I take a message?

- Would you like to leave a message?

- Can I have your name please?

Telephone Conversation

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUaFgvCiaVw When the person you want to talk to is not in, the common expression is _______________________  What would you say in English ฝากข ้อความไว ้ไหมคะ / ครับ ________________________________  How to get or confirm the caller’s name?

 When to say this sentence “ I’ll see that he gets the message” __________________________________________________

Telephone Conversation: Leaving the messages

  

Here's an example of message

Telephone: (Ring... Ring... Ring...) Hello, this is Tom. I'm afraid I'm not in at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep..... (beep) Ken: Hello Tom, this is Ken. It's about noon and I'm calling to see if you would like to go to the movie on Friday. Could you call me back? You can reach me at 367-8925 until five this afternoon. I'll talk to you later, bye.

Read more at http://esl.about.com/od/businessspeakingskills/a/t_vocab.htm