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Transcript Ethical Addiction

BY: Nick Kristof and
Tre Leclaire
 Ethical Addiction is a Eco-friendly clothing company
that aspires to both make the world cleaner, while
keeping up with the latest fashion.
 Our clothing is a new slick supreme brand of clothing
that is going to be the next sense of fashion, Ethical
Addiction also offers a make your own t-shirt to make a
fashion of your own.
 Ethical Addiction is like no other it is fashionable like
Ralph Lauren but also eco-friendly and trying to
revolutionize the fashion industry forever.
 Ethical Addiction’s clothing is made completely from recycled
materials, organic cotton, and Bamboo when the materials are
combined it forms a t-shirt that is soft, comfortable, breathable, light
and non-shrinkable.
 The reason we also use wasted Bamboo is because test have shown
Bamboo stays 1-2 degrees cooler then organic cotton so it is a great
summer time t-shirt.
 Our supplier for our shirts are Anvil.Sustainable.
 Ethical Addicti0ns starting cost is $74245.49
 The cost adds up through all the additions to start the business.
 Ethical Addiction bought a warehouse in Westlin, Oregon which cost $54276.46
 Then we bought a T-shirt printing machine that cost $7995.49.
 We then ordered 1500 blank t-shirt’s for $19,170.
 Each T-shirt cost $12.23 to make and depending on the customers design the
customers t-shirt could cost from $20-$40
Our pre designed shirts cost $30.00 based on the colour and material, making a
$17.77 profit.
We need such a high profit due to the eco-friendly materials and variety of ink we
use on the shirt. Also because of the companies high start up cost and day-to-day
The companies day-to-day cost are $276.80 because of the employees who get $9.45
an hour and they work for 6 hours, and in our warehouse there are four employees
working to operate the machines. The cost to run the warehouse day-to-day is only
$50. The machines are simple and easy to operate and only take a short time to
educate the employees.
If we sell 5 shirts a day we will make $150 a day and that will result in $54750 a year!
 We advertise our brand through Google and YouTube.
 It cost us a dollar on every ad click on Google.
 On YouTube it cost $0.20 on every ad click.
 We advertise on the internet because we sell our clothing
online, not in a store, so it will allow customers an easy
access to our website.
 Also people buying our clothes and wear them, it is a way of
advertising because when people interact about our
clothing they learn about our business and where to buy.
 We will also market through social media such as
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and there all entirely free.
 We use UPS as our shipping, it’s better for our
company because we have a bigger market in the USA
but at the same time be cheaper then Fedex to ship to
 The cost depends on where the shipment is going and
the weight and time but it usually runs from $15-20 in
the USA.
 To Canada it usually cost $22.78-30.
 The customer will pay the shipping.
 We use Paypal that cost a small transaction fee of 3.4%
of total sale amount plus a fixed fee of $0.50 per
 We will have a bilingual speaking America to operate
the phones and respond to e-mail’s.
 He or she will be getting a $10.75 salary an hour and
will work full time 8 hours.
 It is important she is bilingual so she can speak to our
Spanish speaking customers.
 We are targeted to people the ages of 14-35.
 We target them because our company is based off of
being eco-friendly but also being the new hip style.
 Young people really care about the environment so our
company is perfect for them, but for the older people
our company’s clothing design is to new for them.
 When Ethical Addiction grows we will open stores and
more warehouses to supply customer needs.
 Opening stores helps bring in more sales and keep
customers coming because it will allow people not
having to go through shipping and allowing older
people that are not comfortable with the internet to
buy for their kids or grandkids.
 Being a clothing brand there’s no where to go but grow
more because the more the people who buy the more
they get other people to come and retain our
 One of Ethical Addiction’s goals is to sell 2000 t-shirts
in the first 3-6 months.
 By the end of the first year and a half reach our
starting price.
 To open up a store once the entire business is making
complete profit.
Zero Maria Cornejo
Ethical Addiction
 They’re designs are very
 We aspire to be the next
plain and have very little
 They don’t offer a make
your own t-shirt.
 They’re deigns are very
hipster where as Ethical
Addictions can be
whatever you want and
markets to a variety of
different styles.
big thing and we only
focus on being ecofriendly not just partly.
 Our product design is
new and hip and we
allow customers to
design what they want.
Potential Problems
 High cost for one t-shirt
 We chose to locate our
 T-shirts selling at a slow
rate or not at all.
 A problem is if our
competitors undersell
their product.
business in Oregan so there is
no tax that you will have to
pay in addition.
 If Ethical Addiction runs into
this problem it could be
settled by attending business
expos and fashion shows, and
also wearing our brand
everywhere especially in high
populated areas.
 We offer a unique design that
no other company matches.
 By following this business plan, LI Cases will meet its goals
in the future.
We will see growth, profit, and customer satisfaction.
In the end goal Ethical Addictions plan is to create new
cool clothes while at the same time making an impact on
the environment.
Our clothing rise above our competitors because no other
company gives you the freedom to create the eco-friendly tshirts the way you want and also provide cool designs of
our own.
If we sell 5 t-shirts a day, we will make $150 and resulting in
making $54750 a year which will result in the up
coming 2-3 years of making solid profit.