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UGA’s Visa Sponsorship Request Portal
• Background (brief!) on visa workflows and processes
• Introduction to UGA’s new case management system –
• Orientation to the iStart request portal
• Overview of the online request process
• J-1 scholars
• PR sponsorship
• More request options to be added in the future…
• Questions?
Dept submits “Applicant
Access Form”, and all
other dept. sub-forms
Scholar receives email
with link to their required
Department logs back
into iStart and completes
the “Dept. Compliance
Certification” form
ISSIS Advisor receives
the completed request,
reviews all information
and documents, and
issues the DS-2019 form
Sample Workflow –
J-1 Request
Scholar submits all their
sub-forms, and the
“Notify Department”
• Request to ISSIS for sponsorship
• From department
• From international scholar
Issuance of sponsorship paperwork (DS-2019 form for J visa)
International scholar applies for U.S. visa from U.S. embassy
Scholar applies for entry at U.S. Port of Entry
Scholar arrives at UGA and checks in with ISSIS, showing correct
visa status
• Possible issues:
• timing
• costs (fee sheet:;
• delays
J-1 Visa Sponsorship
• Request to ISSIS for sponsorship through iStart
• From department
• From international employee
• Initiation of the sponsorship process
Review of advertising and recruitment
Dept. of Labor application
Dept. Homeland Security application
Adjustment of status application
• Possible issues:
• Timing – can take 18 months to several years to complete
• costs (fee sheet:;
• Separate workshop on the PR process is available from ISSIS
PR Sponsorship Process
• Streamlines our workload and processes
• Provides detailed and robust case tracking and reporting
• Allows for online intake forms that we can link directly to
the international's record
• Facilitates document management and filing within the
international’s record
• Allows for direct (embedded) access to the government’s
required reporting system (SEVIS)
• Allows templated auto form population for government
Sunapsis: International Case
Management System
• User portal to access ISSIS services
• Request access at:
• Will be expanded to include more services
• Accessible to departmental users and to international
students and scholars
• Secure
• Form request and document upload functionality
• Allows department user to track all cases owned by that
iStart: Sponsorship
Request Portal
Login Portal:
iStart access
OVPR’s Visiting Researcher
Scholar Process:
Department Home Screen
If the scholar is
not in Sunapsis,
you will need to
click on “Add
New Person” and
complete the
Start a New Request
Departmental Services - Overview
Case-specific Tracking
You can also make
a new sponsorship
request within a
scholar’s record by
clicking on the link
below the “Case
Start /Continue a Request
If the scholar is in
the Sunapsis system,
all you need is the
University ID and
date of birth.
Start a New Request
This shows you all
the sub-forms
required by the
department (red
arrow), and the
forms that must be
completed by the
scholar (green
Form Progression Tracking
• Auto email to scholar, with secure login information
• Access to all required forms through iStart, with the
ability to save and return to forms
• Full document upload functionality
Scholar Access
A current scholar
at UGA can login
using her MyID
by clicking on the
“Login” button in
the left-hand box
(red arrow)
A new scholar (no
MyID) can login by
clicking on Limited
Services in the righthand box (green
Scholar Access Screen
Scholar Login Form – Limited Access
Scholar Home Screen
Scholar forms to
be completed
Final Dept. form to be
completed **after** scholar
forms are submitted
Scholar Forms – J-1