Technical Training Day 7

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Transcript Technical Training Day 7

SiS Technical Training Development Track Day 7


 Understand Component Interface  Understand Excel to CI  Practice Data Loading using ECI (Instructor Led)

Component Interface

• • •


Component Interface enables the synchronous access to PeopleSoft Component from another application(PeopleCode, Java, C++).

CI encapsulate the PeopleSoft data and business Processes and hide the details of pages and implementation details.

Component interface maps to one and only one PeopleSoft component.

Creation of Component Interface

• Creation of Application Engine: File-> New-> Component Interface

Creation of Component Interface

Creation of Component Interface

Attributes of Component Interface

• • • • • Name : Unique for each CI Keys : 3 types of keys 1) Get Keys: Based on search record and mapping of search keys in search record 2) Find Keys : Combination of search keys and alternate search keys of the search record.

3) Create Keys : Only when there is ADD action enabled in component.

Properties: Provide the access to the component interface settings and the data from underlying component.

Collections : is the special type of CI property that corresponds to a scroll. It contains fields and subroutine as defined in underlying Component.

Methods : function that performs a specific task on component interface at runtime.

1) Standard Methods : “Find”, “Get”, “Save” and “Cancel” are automatically generated when CI created. “Create” method when Component have “ADD” action enabled.

2) User defined Methods

Component Interface Security

To give the access to user we have to add CI in permission list.

Navigation: PeopleTools> Security> Permission & Roles> Permission Lists

Component Interface Security

Give the full access to Component Interface Permission.

Programming with Component Interface

• Drag the Component Interface into application engines PeopleCode Action.

Programming with Component Interface

Excel to CI

• • • •


PeopleSoft Excel to CI is an Excel based utility delivered by PeopleSoft to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into PeopleSoft records.

Since it uses a Component Interface (CI), all validations are done on the data being uploaded.

Excel to CI helps to import huge amounts of rows to a maximum of 65,000 rows from an Excel sheet structure directly into a PeopleSoft component.

Excel to CI makes sure most of the people code behind the Components gets fired. All the records associated with the Component get updated.

Actions for Excel to CI

There are 3 actions namely – Create, Update, Update Data.


Create action is used to a Create a New row. This is equal to the “Add” action of a search page. This is the widely used among the actions of Excel to CI.


Update is used to create/append new child rows. Before inserting a new child row it checks for the parent row keys.


UpdateData is used to update the non-key fields after checking the existing key fields.

Lets practice Excel to CIs.