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Blackboard Exemplary Course Process
Presented by Kelly Winchell
Teaching and Learning with Technology 2013
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Blackboard Catalyst Award
0 The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program began in 2000 with
the goal of identifying and disseminating best practices for
designing engaging online courses.
0 Using the Exemplary Course Rubric, instructors and course
designers are able to evaluate how well their own course
conforms to best practices outlined in the rubric.
0 Courses that are submitted to the program will be evaluated
using the rubric by a peer group of Blackboard clients. Then, a
Reviewer Council reviews any course that received at least one
exemplary rating.
0 From there, courses that receive two or more exemplary ratings
will be reviewed by the Exemplary Course Directors to determine
who will receive an Exemplary Course Award.
Benefits of Participating
Submitting your course for review will provide you the opportunity
0 Reflect on your own course design through a self-evaluation of
your course and gain new perspective and insights on your
0 Receive detailed feedback on your own course development
including best practices and areas for improvement.
0 Apply lessons learned from the Exemplary Course Rubric to your
own courses or those you are helping to develop.
0 Gain professional development experience and recognition for
your accomplishments and participation in the program.
Blackboard Exemplary Course
Program Rubric
The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program(ECP)
recognizes course creators whose courses
demonstrate best practices in four major areas:
0 Course Design
0 Interaction & Collaboration
0 Assessment
0 Learner Support.
ECP Rubric
2012 ECP Award Winner
Course Tour
ECP at WilmU
3 Review teams
0 Each team member participated in several Blackboard
training sessions
0 Each team was given one course (from other
institutions)to review using the rubric
3 Courses submitted
1 winner!!!
0 Sandy Bennett’s MEE 7633: Integrated Methods for
Teaching Elementary Reading and Writing
Exemplary Practices
Recognizing exemplary practices here at WilmU
0 Online Instructor Newsletter
Online Course Development and Redevelopment
0 Rubric
0 Peer Review Process
0 Films on Demand
0 Web 2.0 Tools
0 Self Introduction Video
0 Blackboard Collaborate
0 Snagit
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