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Frontiers of Biogeography
The scientific journal of the International Biogeography Society
Frontiers of Biogeography (ISSN 1948-6596) is the open access journal published by the
International Biogeography Society (IBS; http://www.biogeography.org/). Frontiers of
Biogeography is published quarterly and all content is available free online at
escholarship.org/uc/fb and listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (www.doaj.org).
We welcome contributions from all biogeographers or other persons interested in
biogeography or in applying biogeographical knowledge, whether or not they are members
of the IBS. Average time for publication is less than three months after the manuscript is
accepted. The editorial system follows an open source policy, and the authors retain all
intellectual property rights through a Creative Commons license.
The journal publishes articles in the following sections:
RESEARCH LETTERS (short and concise manuscripts presenting original scientific research).
OPINIONS, PERSPECTIVES, and REVIEWS (reviews or personal perspectives on specific topics or research areas, as well as
opinion papers and debates, and mini-reviews providing brief up-to-date summaries of biogeographical topics).
NEWS and UPDATE (short news, updates and commentaries summarizing recently published literature, dissertation abstracts
of recently finished theses, book reviews and workshop or symposium summaries).
PROFILES (interviews or biographies of prominent biogeographers; obituaries).
RESOURCES (toolbox descriptions of new software and/or methods, and data descriptions of and links to large datasets).
AGORA (magazine-like section on biogeography-related topics and activities, including education, practice, and research).
CORRESPONDENCE (short communications about topical matters in life and work concerning biogeography).
CONFERENCE/SYMPOSIA PROCEEDINGS (compilations of a series of papers associated with conferences and/or symposia on
biogeographical topics).
ANNOUNCEMENTS (of meetings, jobs, and other advertisements).
Recent papers in Frontiers of Biogeography include:
o Cottee-Jones, H.E.W. & R.J. Whittaker. 2012. The keystone species concept: a critical
appraisal. 4(3): 117–127.
o Ladle, R. & J. Hortal. 2013. Mapping species distributions: living with uncertainty. 5(1):8–9.
o Rocha, L.A. et al. 2013. Massively parallel DNA sequencing: the new frontier in
biogeography. 5(1): 67–77.
o Weins, J.J. 2012. Why biogeography matters: historical biogeography vs. phylogeography
and community phylogenetics for inferring ecological and evolutionary processes. 4(3):128–
For more information on publishing in Frontiers of Biogeography please see
http://escholarship.org/uc/fb or contact the editor at [email protected]