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A introduction to Linux Mint
Mint works straight out of the box: everything you need is already there in the distribution,
meaning you don't have to spend time installing additional applications (-unless you want to)
It's based on Ubuntu, which means that the majority of sofware available for Ubuntu will
also work on Mint
It's community based, which means that any Linux developers out there (-and there are
many) can contribute to the codebase. Often, this means fixes are available quicker than
distros maintained by companies (-such as Ubuntu and Fedora) - which generally only release
updates twice a year
It is not Ubuntu! Although based on it, Mint differs in many ways from it's sibling, so not
everything out there for Ubuntu will work with Mint. Also, the latest version of Mint will not
be based on the latest version of Ubuntu: it is invariably some way behind (-e.g. one or two
Mint has a conservative approach to new technologies so, if you like to keep up with leading
edge technologies - or flashy desktops - then you may be better suited to a distro such as
Fedora instead
Mint is quite large and requires a reasonably capable machine to run effectively: if your
machine is particularly old (-and you can't upgrade it) then you may be better off with
something like Puppy instead
How to install from CD/DVD
Once the file is downloaded (-normally, this is an .iso image file - as shown in the
image above), insert a blank disc in your CD/DVD writer and burn the image file to
the disc using suitable software.
Place the disc in the CD/DVD reader tray of the target PC
Power up the PC and let it boot from the CD/DVD reader
To change boot device priority, the F8 or F12] .. key should be pressed during the
BIOS splash page
Use the arrow keys to select the device you wish to boot from then hit the
"ENTER" key. The computer should then invoke the Linux boot loader (grub)
Why you would use Linux Mint13
instead of Windows 7
Linux Mint is a free operating system, compare this to the basic version of windows 7 which is
$200 going up to $429 for Windows 7 ultimate.
Due to Windows 7s wide use, there is a lot viruses, spyware and malware targeted towards
this operating system. There is a lot less of malicious programs aimed Linux Mint so it is a
safer system to use.
Doesn’t require as much hardware resources as Windows 7 so it can run on older machines.
Most people are familiar with Windows operating system, while Linux mint is similar I would
recommend that people who are quite tech savy try this system as some options are in
different places to Windows so could be hard to navigate for people with low computer
It is possible to do a dual boot so that you can choose to use either operating systems. This
could be a good option so that those comfortable with Windows 7 can continue to use that
operating system and those wanting to try something new can use Linux Mint.
Linux Mint is a good system for people who don’t like to conform to the norm and want to try
a new system. The fact that it is open source means that alterations can be made to the
code. Being community based, fixes can come more quickly as companies generally only
release fixes only twice a year.