Selena Quintanilla - Nashua School District

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Transcript Selena Quintanilla - Nashua School District

Selena Quintanilla
Author by: Veda Boyd Jones
Power Point by: Keiry Montano
•When Selena was an infant and toddler her family moved around renting homes South to North lake
•At the age of three years old her parents bought a house in Trumpet Vine in Lake Jackson
•She was a quite a tomboy, very athletic, and full of energy
•At the age of 6 years old her dad started teaching her bother how to play the guitar and her
sister how to play the drums and Selena want to be part of the action as well
•Her dad discouraged her interest in the type of music instead he taught how to sing in
•Spanish was a foreign to Selena because she only spoke English
•Selena was the only Latino in her third-grade class
•Her family religion was the only thing that set her apart from
her classmates
•She couldn’t celebrate holydays like Christmas and birthdays
because the religion her family embrace
•Combining school with her singing gig’s caused concern
among of some Selena teachers
•Her dad makes the band named Los Dinos
•One Selena’s teacher accused her dad of exploiting his
children and breaking child-labor laws
•The teacher felt that her music was affecting her
•Selena attended to West Oso Junior High School
•She frequently missed Friday and Monday of school days because of her road
•Teacher again complained about her absence
•Her seventh grade teacher talk to Selena’s dad about her education that she
would had gotten a four years scholarship with any university in the country, but
her dad believed that her future was in music
•Selena only attended to public school till 8th grade. She continued her education
through correspondence studies with the American School of Chicago
•At the age of 13 years old she was preparing herself for a life time in music
•The band Los Dinos began using Manny Guerra’s studio to cut records for GP
•The band first hit single hit was called “Dame un Beso”(Give me a Kiss”)
•The songs Selena sing were composed by her brother named Abraham III his
nickname was A.B
•At the age of 15 years old a t Tejano Entertainer magazine featured her on its
•In 1987, and 1988 she won the Tejano Music Award for the Female Vocalist of the
•Selena regretted dropping out of school
•She had a boring childhood because she never had an opportunity to
associate with nobody of her own age due to her career, or had been
in a football game or a date on her entire life
•Earning the Tejano Vocalist of the Year Award was becoming a routine
for Selena because she won the Award again in 1989
•In 1990 she achieved her goal of a high school education, she
received her diploma from American School of Chicago
•After that she signed up for correspondence courses from a California
•She had a crush on a young guitarist named Chris Perez his was on
her band
•She had no experience on dating games , she turned to her brother
for help
•Her dad would not approve her relationship with Chris, and her dad
decided to fire him of the band
•The press called Selena “Una Artista del Pueblo” (An Artist of the
•Again Selena won her usual award at the 1993 Tejano Music Award
•The woman who kill her was the manager of her beauty salon
The President When
Selena was born
Positive Contributions
•One of the contributions Selena made was that she
crossover with the Tejano music.
•When the Hurricane Andrew in Florida devastated Latin
Communities, Selena and Los Dinos performed at a benefit
for the victims
What I Learned About
Selena’s Life
What I learn about Selena reading this book was that
she had to made a lot of sacrifice because of her career.
One of the things I think it was hard was to drop out of
school, because she was a really smart girl. Imagine
how smart she was to even had the opportunity to get a
full scholarship for 4 years and with any college in the
United States.
Jones, V. (2001). Selena. New York, New York: The Chelsea House.