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Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion
Long Island Compost Overview
• 30-years as leader in the management of organic materials on Long
• Currently operate two of the nation’s largest yard-waste transfer stations
in Westbury, NY and a 62-acre facility in Yaphank, NY (150 employees)
• Hundreds of thousands of tons of organic material processed per year
sustainably (wind-row technology) into a range of mulches, nutrient-rich
compost and engineered soil products.
Long Island Compost Impact
• Currently manage leaves,
tree debris, grass clippings
and other organic-materials
being generated by Long
• These organic materials are
recycled for use in your local
garden and also used in large
scale landscape restorations
Long Island Compost Impact
9/11 Memorial
Anaerobic Digester Project
• LI Compost will apply prior experience to
a new organic material – food waste
• First project will be located at LI
Compost’s 62 acre site in Yaphank, NY
utilizing anaerobic digestion technology
proven for decades in Europe and
• Sources of waste to include Long Island
based restaurants, institutions, and
grocery chains
• Expect to begin construction in early
2014 and place the project in service
end of 2014 or first quarter 2015
Anaerobic Digester Project
• 160,000 tons of material annually to be
treated using anaerobic digestion
• 120,000 tons of food waste
• 30,000 tons of FOG (fats, oils and
• 10,000 tons of grass clipping
• Resulting biogas will be used to produce
both electricity and CNG
• Biosolids will be integrated into LI
Compost’s existing wholesale and retail
bag products
AD Project Impact
• Enables waste stream that is currently transported
to landfills 300-600 miles away to be treated locally
• Reduces fuel consumption associated with
thousands of interstate tractor trailer trips per
year – estimated to be 1.4 million miles/year
• Reduces emissions associated with the landfill
• Represents a transformational method of handling
solid waste, harvesting its latent energy content,
and significantly reducing greenhouse gas
AD Project Impact
• Energy generated by project will meet 100% of AD project’s
requirements AND be used by Long Island Compost to
offset current consumption
• Conversion of fleet (16 vehicles) and stationary
equipment to CNG will offset 375,000 gallons of diesel
per year
• Existing electrical consumption of 455,000 kWh/year will
be met by self generation from the AD project
• GHG emissions are expected to be reduced by a combined
total of 40,626 tons of CO2 per year
• Expect to have approximately 50% of the total biogas
production available for consumption by outside parties
(approximately 1.0 million diesel gallon equivalents/year)
Questions & Contact:
Long Island Compost Corp.
Charles Vigliotti - President & CEO
[email protected]
100 Urban Avenue
Westbury, NY 11590
Phone: 516.334.6600
445 Horseblock Road
Yaphank, NY 11980
Phone: 631.289.7260