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The Beginnings of Nationalism
The downtrodden Europe moved from the Middle Ages towards Exploration to gain
growth as an empire an expand for pride as well as other reasons continuing into the
late 1800’s.
Exploration into the African tribal continent was done to increase power as colonies
were perceived as gaining Nationalism, passion for ones nation, for the growing
homeland empire (Doc 1). A country would colonize Africa to bolster the morale of
the common people while the merchants and government gained economically.
Prince Leopold expressed his belief in imperialism as the outlet towards showing the
world Belgium was just as powerful as larger countries (Doc 1). Imperialism was the
chance for the growing empire’s government to increase as well as bolster positive
public opinion.
Imperialism and Nationalism
Imperialism Working with
the Government and Pride
Power and economic prosperity
created through colonization can
“strengthen the empire” for
political reason. (Doc 2) A nation
government could become
imperial and accept positive feed
back due to this pride in being
Europe Dominates Africa
Otto von Bismarck remarked, four
years after the Berlin Conference,
that Europe was the new map of
Africa. (Doc 3) Pride sensed from
his rhetoric as Germany is a part
of the imperial expansion right in
the middle of Africa.
Henry Stanley in the Congo with
young boy
•George Washington Williams traveled the Congo
with Henry Stanley in 1890 and spoke of the ease of
gaining the African people as subjects to King
Leopold. (Doc 6)
•Such testaments showcased the greatness of the
Belgium empire easily expanding its power into the
Independent State of Congo. This demonstrates
the benefits of being a great country, instilling
Nationalistic fever.
Imperialism Helps
Eases the Down Falls
• Luis
Bernard commented
on Algeria, pre-World War
I, conveying France as a
powerful, expanding
empire. The loss of AlsaceLorraine was outshadowed
by the success in Europe
(Doc 12).
•Though a country was not
as powerful in Europe,
Africa colonization paved
success in gaining new
lands on which to gain
pride. For example, France
and Belgium
Why did Europeans colonize
• …according to Faith
& Sara
Document Four
• Joseph Chamberlain, British
Industrialist :
• “If tomorrow it were possible… to
reduce… the British empire to the
dimensions of the United Kingdom,
half… of our population would be
What does Doc. 4 mean?
• Chamberlain asserts
that the British
empire’s economy
is so dependent on
foreign resources
that the nation
would be crippled
without them!
Point of View (Doc. 4)
• It makes sense that
Chamberlain, being
an industrialist.. and
British…, would
support the
exploitation of foreign
lands in order to
increase the
prosperity of Britain’s
Document Five
• Cecil Rhodes, British Imperialist, spoke
at the chartering of the British South
Africa Company
• “ Philanthropy is good, but
philanthropy at 5 percent is even
What does doc 5 mean children?
• Mr. Rhodes is revealing the true
intentions of British capitalists in
Africa: the British aim to make money
off of the African lands under the guise
of philanthropy.
Point of View for Doc. 5
• Once again, it is clear that Cecil
Rhodes, a British imperialist, would
prioritize Britain’s economy over the
well being of Africans.
• 
Document 7
• William Clark states that “the patriot
…howl[s] for the hero of the hour, when
in reality he is encouraged to howl…for
the financiers who are making [the
hero] their tool”
What does document 7 mean?
• Financiers are using the idea of
nationalism to trick the public into
supporting their business ventures in
Point of View
• I think we understand that capitalists
indeed will always aim to benefit their
own economies…..
Document 9
• “world and colonial
policy…corresponds …to the greedy
desire of the bourgeoisie for new
opportunities to invest”
What does document 9 mean?
• That the middle class’s rising economic
stations are fueling the colonial
occupation and exploitation.
Doc #1
• European powers felt•
that to become an
imperial power, meant
“…let us see where there
are unoccupied lands…
where are people to
civilize, to lead to
progress in every
• “… prove to the World
that Belgians also are an
imperial people capable
of dominating and
enlightening others.”
Doc. #8
• European Powers also used social
Darwinism as a reason to dominate Africa.
• “…an imperial race- a race vigorous and
industrious and intrepid.”
• “ The survival of the fittest is an absolute
truth in the conditions of the modern
Philanthropy is good
But philanthropy
@ 5% is even
It’s exploitation
but you’re a
savage so I’ll
make money by
helping you use
up all your
Power Politics
• Power Politics played a very prominent role in the
colonization of Africa as many countries used their
colonies to build a political structure.
• In Document 1, the then Prince Leopold of Belgium
expresses that since it is not possible to expand his
kingdom in Europe due to geographical placement, he
seeks to find an unoccupied land where he can dominate
and enlighten the people.
• In Document 10, French diplomat, Eugene-Melchoir de
Vogue states that diplomacy has changed from concerns
of European countries to who has the most land in Africa
and Asia. De Vogue also states that if a country does not
wish to become less important, it must obtain new
• The European powers
used their military force to
take over regions of
Africa using brute force.
This showed their power
to the world.
• Anachronistic pictures,
but you get the idea
• Document 9