Research Administrator`s Forum * February 8, 2013

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Transcript Research Administrator`s Forum * February 8, 2013

Post Award Basics and Travel
Katrina Smith – Sponsored Programs Administrator
[email protected]
 Provide
high level of support and
assistance in managing all sponsored
projects in line with terms and conditions
of the award, University policies, ASC
Policies and OMB Circulars
 What does that mean to you?
 Why do we care?
Proper Forms and Documentation
1. Proper Forms
1. Check request, PO, ASC Travel Expense , Stipend
Form, W-9 etc
2. Documentation
2. Would someone not knowing the project at all be
able to understand the documentation and see how
it directly relates to the project
Money available in the overall budget
as well as that particular category
Reviewing the expense as Allowable, Allocable,
and Reasonable
1. Allowable
1. Terms and conditions
2. A-21
3. University / ASC Policies
2. Allocable
1. Directly benefit program
3. Reasonable
1. Prudent Person Test
2. Necessary
Expense is reviewed, and if all tests are met
then the Administrator will approve and send to
accounting to be paid
1. 3 types of individuals who travel
1. Faculty or State-side staff
2. Student
3. ASC Employees
2. Travel for Faculty/State-side Staff and Students
1. Complete CSU, Fullerton Business Travel and
Prepayment Request Form
3. Travel for ASC Employees
1. Travel for Faculty/State-side Staff and Students
1. Complete CSU, Fullerton Business Travel and
Prepayment Request Form (State Travel
Authorization – TA)
2. IF an advance is needed, complete Section I of the
ASC Travel Authorization and Expense Form and
submit with the TA (state form)
3. Students are usually required to complete a Waiver
and Release of Liability
1. Travel for ASC Employees
1. Complete Section I of the ASC Travel Authorization
and Expense, obtain proper signatures, and submit
to ASC 30 days prior to travel
2. If an advance is going to be requested complete the
advance portion within Section 1 of that form and
submit along with any backup documentation such
as quotes for airfare or registration to verify
amounts for advance
If you decide you want to take personal days while on
approved travel:
• Need to note that on the State TA or ASC TA under Dates of travel and
Purpose of Business
• i.e. business travel is only 1/1-1/4 but you will be going from 12/28-1/7
Purchasing airfare if personal days are taken while on
business travel
• Need to provide a quote from comparable airlines showing what flight
would be if you were only travelling for business and quote needs to
be 30 days prior to travel
• Will only be reimbursed the lesser
Lodging if personal days are taken
• Will only reimburse for nights during business travel
EXAMPLE: Conference starts 1/4 but there is an early registration on 1/3
that starts at 5PM
EXAMPLE: Flying out early to conduct other business related to the
program (i.e. meeting with individuals prior to conference)
 In
order to purchase anything travel related
with a P-Card the State TA or ASC TA needs
to be completed and submitted to ASC and
approved by your SPA prior to any purchase
of registration, airfare etc.
 Allowable travel charges:
• Airfare, registration, lodging, shuttle or taxis, parking
 Unallowable
travel charges:
• Meals and/or any charges that don’t have itemized
original receipts
Regardless of what forms you filled out prior to travel
the process for submitting expenditures after travel
is the same
 Complete Section I (if not already completed) and
Section II of the ASC Travel Authorization and
Expense Form, obtain proper signatures, and submit
to ASC for review, approval, and reimbursement if
 Items to attach to form when submitting:
• Clear outlined itemized agenda or program – this should
outline the day to day program of the conference
• Itemized original receipts – NOT CREDIT CARD SLIPS
• If mileage is being claimed – printouts of Mapquest or
• Airfare itinerary
Most common reasons we will make changes to your Expense
Claim Form:
Itemized original receipts weren’t provided
Food was claimed when the agenda clearly outlined meals were provided
Alcohol was on a meal receipt
Personal days were taken and quotes weren’t provided on what airfare would
have been had you only travelled for business
Airfare/lodging were booked way too late so charges were unreasonable
Economy or Coach were not booked for airfare (i.e. first class)
Insurance was purchased on the flight - unallowable
Conference location was less than 25 miles from either campus or home so
lodging and meals cannot be claimed
Selection of hotel was different than what the conference provided and was at a
rate that was much higher than the block of room rates provided by the
Enterprise Rent A Car was not used when renting a car and rates were
unreasonable (i.e. Enterprise is the preferred vendor since we have a contract
with them AND the car booked was a luxury vehicle instead of a simple
economy car)
 Talk
with your Sponsored Programs
Administrator (SPA) PRIOR to travel
 Meet with your (SPA) to go over what the
sponsor allows and also what the
University policies are PRIOR to travel
 Ask questions PRIOR to travel